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Fanart: Three crowns - Scandinavia and the World
Scandinavia and the World
Three crowns satwcomic.com

Fan Art

Three crowns

I didn't know what to name this because I dunno

Put crowns in the background because for some reason the country of Sweden has got an obsession with crowns. Especially THREE crowns. We had a castle named Three crowns, we have three crowns all over our buildings, we have three-crown-patterns all over the walls of the palace, we have three crowns on our military flag, our flag used to be three crowns, Stockholm's flag is three crowns, our football team has got it too, and our ice hockey, all our old historical crowning-gowns/clothes have crowns all over them...

I think Sweden has got some kind of weird obsession. That- ... That's kind of autistic not gonna lie... Sweden=Autism=confirmed?

I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway. Hope u like the drawing. :))

By: EUcomicartist 9th December 2020

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MALAYSIA has one of the most unique monarchy systems in the world, with 9 kings. Malaysia's unique rotational monarchy among nine hereditary state rulers, the new king,will hold office for five years.

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The band Abba wore ridiculous outfits to avoid Sweden's taxes, which allowed deductions for clothing if it wasn't meant to be used every day.


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2 years ago #9850992        

Sweden looks so cute here

edit also welcome back EUcomicartist we haven't seen a fanart of yours for awhile

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11 months ago #9862033        

Here Sweden seems so handsome.


11 months ago #9861769        

So Sweden!

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