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A little something for my AU

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A little something for my AU

I won't say any details for my AU the name of it is 'En vikt' what it means I won't say, but Finland and Estonia are the main characters. And it's a human AU, but it's more than them JUST being human. Here are some designs for Finland! Veil is the guy on the left and Taisto Järvinen is the guy on the right.
The human names are inspired by some of the names suggested in some of the forums.
Try and guess what this AU is about in the comments!

By: closetghostgal 19th March 2021

Community made Fact Cards:

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Finland celebrates "National Sleepy Head Day," where the last person in the house to wake up is thrown into water by the early risers.

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Australia DOES have a Royal Family. Despite being an soverign nation, the Royal family of Australia are the King and Queen of England.


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A hint: Someones neck gets broken.

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