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Happy Pride Month

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Happy Pride Month

June is LGBTQ+ pride month, so I wanted to draw the Finnish/Swedish family in my headcanon (although Sweden and Aland are canons)

left to right,

(Headcanon) Sister Finland ace spectrum more specifically Gray-asexual Graysexual — sometimes spelled grey sexual — is used to refer to people who experience limited sexual attraction. In other words, they experience sexual attraction very rarely, or with very low intensity. This is also known as gray-asexuality, gray-A, or gray-ace

(Headcanon) Bro FennoSwede Bisexual

(my oc) Sis FennoSwede lesbian

(Canon) Sweden gay

(Canon) Åland gay

(both Sweden and Åland are holding the MLM gay pride flag, I really liked its design so I made the hold it)

(my oc) Sib Scania: Non-binary

(Canon???) Sister Sweden pansexual

(Headcanon) Bro Scania not LGBTQ+ himself but loves and supports his friends and family that are

(canon??) Bro Finland the same as Scania a "straight ally"

(Humon once said Finald was straight though I don't know if things changed since then and no Finald being all lovey-dovey with Bro Sweden doesn't count as him "not being straight" since he seems to have been processed)

anyway I made him hold a sign saying Love is Love, in English, Finnish and Swedish

By: AmericanButterfly 1st June 2021

Community made Fact Cards:

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Icelanders suffer from Small Nation Complex. Meaning they know they are the best Nation in the world.... Per capita of course!

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The Tornio/Haparanda course is the only two-nation golf course in the world, residing on the border of Finland and Sweden. Playing 18 holes means crossing the border 4 times.


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3 years ago #9860340        

Fun fact because Sibling Scania was born "Sister Scania" and Sister Sweden is their mother they actually inherited her in chest (though not as big) but because of Sib Scania identify as agender and body dysphoria over their chest they was allowed to have breast reduction surgery so now instead being like a double D they like A cup

3 years ago #9859869        

Looks good, nice headcanons!

3 years ago #9858986        

Very nicely done. :) I think Sister Sweden prefers men, but doesn't seem to mind going for women as well.
We do know both Denmarks are bisexual/pansexual/omnisexual though. ;)

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3 years ago #9858733        

im jumping off a cleft but not because this is satw not ch

3 years ago #9858731        

Cute pic! It really warms my heart :)

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