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Sister Third Reich

My OC, Sister Third Reich or Nazi Germany. I personally prefer that over Nazi Germany to be honest.. AmericanButterfly also made her own Sister Third Reich, but the drawing of her is on DeviantArt only (I think??)

The reason why she doesn't have the Nazi German flag on is because she hates the regime and represents the people during that time. Only 7% of the population worked for the government, so what happened to the other 93%? So yeah, that's her. Don't get me wrong she has done a lot of bad things in the past, such as brainwashing and helping her brother with... stuff.

And I am NOT trying to justify what the Nazis have done, no. Why they did was beyond terrible, I just wanted to shed some light on the lives of the civilians back then instead of going, "All Germans were bad and cruel Nazis!"

With that out of the way, let's go to her personality.
Sister Third Reich, unlike her brother, represents the people at the time. She is quiet, sassy, and witty. But due to her brother being a sexist prick, he forced her to become more mother like and gentle. Sister Third swears like a sailor, often picked fights with people (not countries) and was over all not very lady like. She also has blonde hair and blue eyes, which made her brother more "merciful" towards her.

Sister Third worked alongside her brother, and was brainwashed into her brother's twisted ideology. She often uses psychological tactics on the victims her brother has to make them obedient. A HC I got from AmericanButterfly.

She has more to her personality but I'm too tired to type it all down, plus I'm still working on that..

By: closetghostgal 6th June 2021

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2 years ago #9858858        

what if, unlike her brother who stuck around due to neo-nazi, Sister Third Reich did not and might have lost her mind reverting into a child-like state and causing her to go crazy after losing the war and the horrible things that happened to her people and her mind is stuck in the 1930s in her head before the way maybe in 1936 and forgot the war ever happened and keeps talking about how excited she is about the 1936 Olympics

ok wow that's dark

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2 years ago #9858857        

honestly, my version of Sister NG was just as evil as her brother but him not taking her seriously due to her sex and being the older brother, I know there were good Germans but I see Brother and Sister Germany as the good germans that were good germans that were being controlled by Nazi Germany

my version is the propaganda and false utopia Nazi Germany became before starting the war a
"Bitch in Sheep's Clothing"

there were evil nazi women who knew and agreed with all stuff the regime were doing many of them even worked in concentration camps

my headcanon is that Brother Nazi Germany is very obsessive to the people he "cares about" especially his sister causing people to wonder if their relationship only platonic (it is but there are rumors)

my headcanon is was Sister Germany who anti-nazi German and didn't like Nazi Germany controlling her brother

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