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"I guess we're friends now!"

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"I guess we're friends now!"

Something for my Spy AU

Switzerland on the left, Liechtenstein in the middle, and Sweden on the right. Sweden and Switzerland were both confused as Liechtenstein wrapped his arms around them. Also please don't comment about his (Liechtenstein) arms... I know they look terrible and weird...

By: closetghostgal 13th June 2021

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Several countries have in the past banned ruling queens, but lacked any requirement that the king be male. This led to King Anna of Poland, and King Mary of Hungary.

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The Doomsday Seed Vault on Svalbard has over 21,500 cannabis seeds in it. That means that there are more seeds in there for weed than there are for aspargus, blueberry and raspberry, for example.


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They're a little spy trio, they call themselves The Neutrals or Neutral Trio. Just a little fun fact.

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