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Sweden's Eastern Friends

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Sweden's Eastern Friends

Some of Sweden's friends here in Asia, I could've added Philippines in (since the largest IKEA is here in Manila, it's useless since most Filipino's don't even know what an IKEA is) but my country is overrated and I hate it so no :)
Yes, Vietnam and North have close relations with Sweden that began even in the 70s during the Cold War. Sweden even made this bop ass song about the Vietnam War, helped rebuild cities after the war, and provided humanitarian and medical aid to Vietnam. Sweden was the first country to recognize the DPRK and establish an embassy in Pyongyang, so expect a lot of content from them soon.
For Thailand? Tourism and trade. And other things... huhuhuhu.

Also the Vietnam OC doesn't belong to me, he belongs to Cacacacaca.

By: closetghostgal 9th July 2021

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The smallest US state, Rhode Island (1,212 square miles), has a larger population than the largest US state, Alaska (663,300 square miles), with 1.055 million residents vs. 736,732.

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U.S. eggs are illegal in Britain because they are washed. British eggs are illegal in the U.S. because they are not


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Vietnam and his design belong to @Cacacacaca

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