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difference in public transport

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difference in public transport

Public transport is a culture shock for anyone moving from the capital region to the more rural areas of Denmark, or vice versa.
In the capital region public transport is very accessible, and there's basically always a train or bus available for you.
However not so much outside of the capital region. Even in large cities like Aarhus busses are far less common, and if you go to the more rural areas who have any kind of public transport you wouldn't be surprised to find out that you can wait for hours if you were unfortunate enough to miss your train, regardless of how short the distance you're headed. Thus, it's a good idea to arrive sometimes hours before just to make sure you get somewhere on time XD

(the woman is Vendsyssel, a region up in Nordjylland)

By: nicerogan 9th July 2021

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Na, hours before isn't necessary, but maybe aim for a train/bus earlier than what you actually need. It sucks when you're two hours late for something because of a delay somewhere.

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I wonder where they're going
lol Denmark does not like to be woken up early

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