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Sis America age chart headcanon

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Sis America age chart headcanon

my headcanon on Sis America's age from toddler to what she looks like now
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1-3 she's drinking out of a bottle I tried to give her a binky but it ended up looking weird so I gave her a bottle instead, she has leaf on her head cause I thought it be funny if she put random things on her head before meeting Ottawa

4-8 met puppy Ottawa and wears pigtails with pink bows, which is class look for American little girls

9-12 No longer wears her pigtails, and now has braces, I don't know why I just like to imagine Sis America having braces as pre-teen which also a classic American look of preteens needing braces, though I lucked out and never needed them

13-17, not a girl not yet a woman, I imagine Sis America cut her hair, because she got into the Flapper scene

18 to a young adult what she looks like in the comics from 2009-2011

mid 20s what she looks in the comic now, doesn't really wear her sunglasses anymore

By: AmericanButterfly 18th July 2021

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3 months ago #9860019        

oh you can't even see her braces, you'll have to open up the image in a new tab to see them

Sis America age chart headcanon in new tab

edit I'm not changing it but on the teenager, it was supposed to she cut her hair but I forgot that part eh oh well, it's in the description

and yes "Not a girl, not yet a woman" is a reference to Britteny Spear's song of the same name

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