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Sister FennoSwede, Sister Christiania and Sister Kven update

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Sister FennoSwede, Sister Christiania and Sister Kven update

an updated picture of this

what's different

I made Sister Christiania hair shorter to contract with her brother's long hair I also gave her round yellow earrings

I gave Sister Kven a burgundy color hat instead of a green hat like her brother I also put her hair down instead of having it in a ponytail

I made their breast more accurate to teenage girls of their age instead of the little lumps on their chests

I didn't really change that much about Sister FennoSwede besides changing her chest area

By: AmericanButterfly 25th July 2021

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MALAYSIA has one of the most unique monarchy systems in the world, with 9 kings. Malaysia's unique rotational monarchy among nine hereditary state rulers, the new king,will hold office for five years.

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From 1809 to 1981 Denmark was at war with Huéscar, but people apparently forgot about it, and not a single bullet was fired.


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Sister Chiristinia
Age: 12
Gender: cis-female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Family: Denmark dad
Sister Netherlands mom
(Brother) Chiristinia older brother
Bro Scania and sib Scania older half partnernal siblings unknown to her
Bro Netherlands maternal uncle
Sis Denmark parental aunt
Northeast US (another oc of mine) (formally New Netherlands) parental cousin

Sister FennoSwede
Age: 13
Gender cis-female
Sexuality: homosexual
Family: Bro Sweden dad
Sis Finland mom
Bro FennoSwede older brother
Bro and Sib Scania first cousins
Aland second cousin
Sister Sweden: parental aunt
Brother Finland maternal uncle

Sister Kven
Age: 11
Gender: cis-female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Family: Bro Norway dad
Sis Sami mom
Bro Kven older brother
Sister Norway parental aunt
Bro Sami maternal uncle

Ok yes I don't headcanon Sister Finland being Kven's mom but instead, I think Sister Sami is

(I think Sister Finland only has eyes for Sweden too bad he doesn't feel the same way and Kven's originated from Lapland and personality I think Norway and Sister Sami/Lapland makes more sense)

I did make a fanart of Kven giving Sister Finland a mother's day flower truth is I was between Sister Finland or Sister Lapland/Sami being the mom truth is I'm still not leaning towards Sami because Kven and Sami are grouped together and Sami comes from Northern Finland which where Sami/Lapland is from, and they're both minorities and both have circles on their flags

and both Kven and Sami are Finno-Ugric peoples

1 year ago #9860172        

oh I forgot to mention I made Sister Christiania hair spike things bigger and more like her brothers
I wanted to change the hairband but it ended up looking weird and I couldn't figure out how to make it work from the front so I just left the hairband alone

I did make it where Sister Christiania's arms were more matching especially with the sleeves, I also made her "hands?" bigger

originally I was thinking of not adding the little hair under Sister Christiania's ears but I thought she looked better with them so I added them

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