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Just a Pipe Dream

yes I wanted the title to be a pun

I wanted to make a comic about Nordstream Two debate but I wanted to wait until it was settle I guess Germany and America came to a compromise where Germany can finish the Russian oil pipeline if they agree not to let Russia use it to pick on Ukraine or something i dunno

I used Brother America and Sister Germany cause I thought this fit them, I dunno I just wanted to draw them

"Amis" is a nickname Germans give to Americans and I thought Germany calling America "Yankee doodle dandy" was funny

Germany is punching her palm

By: AmericanButterfly 27th July 2021

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There is a beer called "Fucking Hell" - Hell being the German term for light ale, and Fucking being a village in Austria.

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Godzilla has official Japanese citizenship.


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the title is a pun because the debate was about a pipe, but this is honestly what happened

though I don't think Germany was that aggressive when threatening sanctions I just made Sister Germany seem aggressive cause well its Sister Germany

Amis is actually French for "friends"

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America wearing England's shirt