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All Grown Up

this is what I think the children would look like grown up

(drawn in realistic mode)

Christiania: Grew up quite a lot, and is less likely to throw tantrums, and express his feelings, with art instead of violence (he honestly became quite anti-violence over the years) also he has a bit more facial hair than his father (being how Denmark only had a beard, Christiania has a mustache and a beard) and he tied his hair in a pony-tail (and yes he still smoke you know-what, how ever he is very strict on 'hard' drugs' though,) he and Denmark get a long more, but still bicker (but mostly out of old habit)

FennoSwede: Grew up from being an annoying spoiled kid to an even more annoying spoiled adult, his also became an entrepreneur (though not sure what he does, but requires a lot of texting (which is what he's doing right now) and wears sun glass more often. he's still a happy guy who means well, and even donates to lots of charities.

Finland learned to tolerant him a bit more, but now instead of wishing FennoSwede would leave him alone, would instead spend more time with the family (even him) without having to bother with business calls/texting..

like when FennoSwede was a child, now as an adult FennoSwede will buy his mom anything she wants or needs (even if she didn't ask)
but really she just wishes the same thing Finland does (even more)

Kven: Grew Up to be a regular guy, (I don't know much about Kven in the comics..) he's still a bit shy but friendly, though he and his dad have became more pals. Norway felt real bad about forgetting about Kven all those years, but Kven forgave, him and they both became great hunting buddies, (cause you know Denmark just didn't work out)

By: AmericanButterfly 5th August 2021

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There are around 2.2 million saunas in Finland, 1 for every 2.5 people.

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The thistle is the emblem of Scotland as a barefoot viking raider cried out in pain as he stood on one, alerting the Scottish army encampment that the Norse army were sneaking up on.


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3 months ago #9860501        

Cute! I have my own versions of the grown up SATW kids, I feel like redrawing them as well.

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3 months ago #9860498        

I tried to make them look like adults but FennoSwede still looks like a kid
that's just my art style everyone looks "chibi" like, I like to imaging FennoSwede was late bloomer and gets mistaken for someone way younger

at least Christiania and Kven have facial hair to make them look like adults

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3 months ago #9860496        

fun fact I gave FennoSwede a phone case with a seven-spotted ladybug cause I wanted a Finnish symbol to be on his phone, and I choose the national Finnish insects which is a ladybug, plus I think it's cute how he's a "serious businessman" but has a cute phone case

I like to imagine the reason FennoSwede wears his sunglasses is because he has dark circles under his eyes cause he gets so busy he forgets to sleep

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