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New Sweden stare

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New Sweden stare

my oc New Sweden who was the Swedish colony in that was in present-day Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania,
mostly, Delaware, that's where the capital was

anyway read about it here

anyway, my New Sweden is the "ghost" daughter of Sister Sweden and Brother Finland

and yes I imagine Finland was a big softy with her but sad because she's now a ghost (though she has more personality than Jan Mayen and can talk) she's stuck in the territories that use to be New Sweden and can never leave at all people can visit her but she can't visit them that's my theory that when a country or colony etc no longer exists, the spirit of said country is trapped to wonder the territory they had before their country is was erased from the map

some countries/colonies can avoid this by updating and becoming new countries sometimes even become children again like a Phoneix

New Sweden as made here

By: AmericanButterfly 9th September 2021

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Dawg staring

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