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Sis Hong Kong

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Sis Hong Kong

Hong Kong first made an appearance in Land of the Free-est, guess comic by Awut, then later Humon made her own version of Hong Kong

and I liked both versions, I thought what if the Hong Kong that Awut made was Sister Hong Kong, and the one that Humon made was Brother Hong Kong since they're both "canon" comics

and I decided to draw her in an updated version with eyes open since the guess comic was made before Humon changed the Asian countries eyes

so that is why I think Hong Kong that was on 3rd place winner for Land of Free-est is Sister Hong Kong

By: AmericanButterfly 11th October 2021

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People who are half Norwegian and half Swedish are called "Svorsk". A combination between "Norsk" (Norwegian) and "Svensk" (Swedish)


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