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Maybe one day Wales maybe day...

ok So Wales it holding his other flag the St.David flag

I know I maybe should had used Northern Ireland but this is kind of a sequel to the office Satw Comic English Flag and it used Republic of Ireland

and I made this in 2012 before Northern Ireland was in the comics

btw England didn't say 'no' to Wales but to Scotland..

and I'm not trying to make any fights between Ireland and Scotland, so just take this as Scotland not thinking about his words and know this is just a comic, so no fighting.

By: AmericanButterfly 16th October 2021

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A myth in Germany states that "German almost became official language of the USA". Actually there was a petition on having the laws written in German beside English, which was rejected by 1 vote.

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Godzilla has official Japanese citizenship.


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While the red saltire is meant to represent Ireland, the Irish has never used it. Many of them dislike it. It is the arms of an English family called FitzGerald, who had a leading part in subjugating Ireland for Britain. It's association with St. Patrick is recent, and very weak.

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