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Brief description of America

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Brief description of America

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By: Irene 24th October 2021

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Icelandic place names may sound exotic, but they're usually not very creative. Example: The most powerful waterfall in Europe, Dettifoss, just means "falling falls"

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Right after Britain voted for Brexit, the pound's value slumped to its lowest point since 1985.


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2 years ago #9863357        

I believe in some of these things but not all of them, not the "throw tantrum" part

"dislike when somebody gets more attention than him"

The truth is I think it's the opposite sure he like attention but he's fine when people leave him alone

"adores picking on Aland and Sweden"
honestly, I think it was just that one time and I think he was deflecting being WBC hates him (America) even more than Sweden

The truth is I think he forgot Aland even exists

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