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Gold medals

Congratulation, Norway! (For 16 gold medals in the 2022 Olympics)
I'm sure Denmark will be fine

By: BananaJewell 22nd February 2022

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Several countries have in the past banned ruling queens, but lacked any requirement that the king be male. This led to King Anna of Poland, and King Mary of Hungary.

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Victorian pudding: Before the Victorian times the christmas pudding was actual a staple of the British diet, it was a way of preserving meat, and was only became confectiony during Victorian times.


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those wanting to know the reference Norway is very good at Winter Olympics like the best and has the most gold and wins including 2022 where they won first place and Denmark well he's not that good at winter Olympics and has only won one silver back in 1998 and every other year including this one no medals not even a bronze

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