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What if Spain was in Greece?

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What if Spain was in Greece?

Spain and Greece are already busy handling domestic problems (Spain with the struggle for Catalonian independence, Greece with economic issues), and just as they come across bill wurtz's video they get a bit more annoyed.

The comic takes place around 2017 just as bill wurtz was gaining attention for his history video.

P.S. about my Europe map: OH MY GOSH!!! I FORGOT THAT JAN MAYEN EXISTS!!! Don't worry if enough characters get better poses (likely later in the year) then I will update it. (I am forced to place it here since commenting on my fanart does not seem to work.)

By: fantasticfox 25th February 2022

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A myth in Germany states that "German almost became official language of the USA". Actually there was a petition on having the laws written in German beside English, which was rejected by 1 vote.

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Several countries have in the past banned ruling queens, but lacked any requirement that the king be male. This led to King Anna of Poland, and King Mary of Hungary.


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