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Ukraine Sunflower

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Ukraine Sunflower

Sis Ukraine holding on to a sunflower, I was inspired by a video where a Ukrainian woman told a Russian soldier to put sunflowers seeds in his pocket for when he dies in Ukraine the seeds will grow into a sunflower, the Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine

By: AmericanButterfly 26th February 2022

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There are three sheep per person in Australia. New Zealand has seven times as many sheep as people. Both pale in comparison to the Falkland Islands' amazing 167 sheep per person!

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There is a beer called "Fucking Hell" - Hell being the German term for light ale, and Fucking being a village in Austria.


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Lovely! Bless Ukraine and her people. Too bad all the Russian soldiers didn't fill their pockets with sunflower seeds. Ukraine would burst into a brilliant forest of giant yellow flowers!

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