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Ukraine Sunflower

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Ukraine Sunflower

Sis Ukraine holding on to a sunflower, I was inspired by a video where a Ukrainian woman told a Russian soldier to put sunflowers seeds in his pocket for when he dies in Ukraine the seeds will grow into a sunflower, the Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine

By: AmericanButterfly 26th February 2022

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People who are half Norwegian and half Swedish are called "Svorsk". A combination between "Norsk" (Norwegian) and "Svensk" (Swedish)

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There actually is a Pakistani TV show called "Burqa Avenger", featuring a burqa-clad ninja who fights evil people that try to prevent girls from going to school.


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2 years ago #9871764        

Lovely! Bless Ukraine and her people. Too bad all the Russian soldiers didn't fill their pockets with sunflower seeds. Ukraine would burst into a brilliant forest of giant yellow flowers!

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