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Bretagne, France's precious little rebelious baby !

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Bretagne, France's precious little rebelious baby !

This year, Alvan and Ahez represented France at Eurovision, with their very special Celtim EDM... Entirely sang in Bretagne's own language !
Bretagne is a bit like our Scotland to England; the rebelious child that only wants to be independant, all the while being badass with shitty weather.
We love our Bretons, and I'm so proud to be represented by this original, beautiful music !
(I've spent all of my votes for Finland, Denmark and Sweden, to be honest. They KILLED it ! And I think Australia has a great chance of winning, too ! Can't wait to see this Humon's Eurovision comic for this year !)

By: Lilium_42 13th May 2022

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About 80% of Ukraine's general population speaks Russian due to the times that Russia invaded Ukraine.


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5 months ago #9876686        

Oh, that is great. Although, my understanding is that France wasn't always so proud, so it's nice to see her excited. :)

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