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Most common US Ancestry

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Most common US Ancestry

Germany isn't their "actual grandfather" I just thought it would be funny/cute if German-American balls called him Grandfatherland/Opa. I don't know I like the idea of human balls calling their countries mothers/fathers/ (like in real life) but decedents from other countries call them grandmother/grandfather. even though they're not technically their parents or grandparents. or maybe I just wanted an excuse to use the word opa in a comic (Opa is german for grandpa)

By: AmericanButterfly 27th July 2022

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The GDP of London is significantly larger than that of several European countries, including Belgium and Sweden

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Switzerland accidentally invaded Liechtenstein... More than once.


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this was gonna be bigger with top 10 US ancestry but I'm tired so I just did number one
anyway here are the top 10 Top ten Ancestry US population

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