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Turkey is not amused

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Turkey is not amused

Sweden's (and until a month ago, Finland's too) rocky road to NATO, i.e. the part where Turkey's approval has been the problem (which has already been >70% of the wait so far and probably even more of the issues), is a topic I have chosen to laugh about since the only other option I have is weeping about it, which I presume is not likely to do any better.

I could have drawn Denmark and Norway there with Canada since those were the tree countries to ratify Finland and Sweden's NATO membership on the same day it was applied. But it felt too crowded... who am I kidding, I was just lazy.

Estonia (among Britain and Iceland) was only a day late but, at least according to my impression, the most loud in her approval. For obvious reasons... ;)

The guy next to Sweden is my interpretation of the Kurds, many of whom live as refugees in Sweden and whose rights Sweden among other Nordic countries has tried to advocate while Turkey, particularly their current president Erdogan, doesn't like the Kurds... and the relationship seems to be mutual. And when I say "don't like" I mean Turkey demanded Sweden to send back some of the Kurds who are considered terrorists by Erdogan (and victims of persecution from Sweden's point of view), while the Kurds in Sweden have actively protested against basically anything related to Turkey.
Sweden then tried to tone down the protests against Turkey in attempt to get the ratification, which some said was selling their principles as a defender of free speech and other rights. And right in the middle of the debate if it was necessary and/or acceptable, you know who ( saw and used a golden opportunity to thwart any improvement in any relations there might have happened. I think there's something poetic in that, so I included it even though it was a rather minor incident, I guess.

Already had the lineart drawn in February but it was a mess - as was my schedule - so it took me this long to make it to the point I've decided it's decent enough. Still a bit messy since I'm terrible at coloring, but had to get it done before the content gets too outdated.

By: Tuiverrus 2nd May 2023

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There's only one country between Norway and North Korea.


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this comic is amazing and does a great job explaining the situation

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