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  The Banning Game 9 hejsanhoppsan 145 Dorkymike, 30 minutes ago
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 NSFW Confessions #2 raikou107 22 hejsanhoppsan, 56 minutes ago
  Yazukki Message Thread dino-soar94 9 dino-soar94, 21 hours ago
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  The World and Scandinavia Vold 4 Smithi, 6 hours ago
  Isle of Man Leoti 3 Leoti, 9 days ago
  Do it for Denmark VeraTorres 1 niauropsaka, 8 days ago
  Finland Doesn't Exist conspiraciesandbeer 1 niauropsaka, 8 days ago
  Finnish schooling Balama 0 Balama, 11 days ago
  Cat facts :D Cataver107 0 Cataver107, 8 days ago
  Nowary beats Denmark: Happiest Country CaliforniaAmazon 0 CaliforniaAmazon, 7 days ago
  The death of David Douglas! Kalapana86 0 Kalapana86, 4 days ago
  Talofa! Valaau aʻu Pearl! (SAMOA NA'O!) Pearl 0 Pearl, 2 days ago