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Romania, self-styled as Count Romania, is the incarnation of Romania, a country in in Eastern Europe.

Romania is a very minor character. He dresses as, or either is, a vampire, and styles himself a count. In Child of the Night he is shown as stealing the wallets of wealthy European ladies and Denmark, indicating his living is not completely generated within confines of the law.

Appearance He appears to be, or dress as, a vampire. With fangs, a red-lined black cape, a white skin and red eyes.

[NOTE: This is not canon information, it is mostly fan made. Proceed with this in mind.]

Family His closest relative is his 'sister' Moldova whom was actually a part of Romania but it was torn off by Russia. While Romania should be thankful for having a sibling created from his own flesh, Russia set Transnistria in charge to keep Moldova away as possible from Romania. The loss of what was a part of him and the loss of a sister drove, him away from humanity turning into a vampire.
One of his parents is Italy whom wouldn't really recognize as his son since he has many. The other parent is Bulgaria whom over the years adopted a Slavic language instead. His son's choice of language makes Bulgaria confused and disappointed.

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