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All a matter of taste


All a matter of taste

To fully get this one, go here

Have fun. :D

12th June 2013

6 days ago #9201296        

Romania sure has a thing for incest...

16 days ago #9192020        


1 month ago #9173495        

Wait wait wait wait wait HOLD ON.... that is not normal? I thougth it was


18 M

Online Now
2 months ago #9166284        

I don't get why everyone is so bothered by Iceland. I mean, why wouldn't someone as athletic and sporty as him enjoy that?

2 months ago #9164574        

*inches away from iceland*

2 months ago #9154011        

China apparently likes japanese
Kazakhstan has a thing for lesbian prisons
Iran only has 6 terms
Finland was rather straightforward and just looked for sex

2 months ago #9152180        

Just looked now, No. 1 search in Iceland is now worry me sometimes, Iceland.

3 months ago #9136380        

Oh no... =/

4 months ago #9130260        

@FueledByEarlGrey Still not as self centered as Japan. All but three of Japan's top 10 have some form of "Japanese" and two of those three are "anime" and "hentai".


23 M
4 months ago #9127266        

I'm mostly curious as to how @Humon found that website. hah.

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