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All a matter of taste

All a matter of taste

To fully get this one, go here

Have fun. :D

12th June 2013
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20 M
13 days ago #9325925        

Oh wow, Iceland's tastes have actually gotten more tame in recent years.

18 days ago #9324131        

@ChocolateBread It probably goes back longer than that. The tradition for hating Japan probably goes back to those particular islands invading the mainland every other weekend for centuries.

19 days ago #9323660        

lmao im dying

1 month ago #9317673        

Russia's and Ukraine's are very similar. Both have 'Russian' at 1 and 'anal' at 2. And I'm kinda creeped out by how many say 'mom and son' o-O

2 months ago #9299467        

Oooh... China has a love-hate relationship with Japan (all old SEA people are racist against Japan because of what happened in the 1940s)... and Japan is extremely extremely narcissist in their preferences.

2 months ago #9298905        

It's actually surprising how accurate this is...

2 months ago #9298535        

If you think Iceland's taste in porn is weird, look at Kazakhstan's...

3 months ago #9292976        

Colombia's is... Colombia, Colombiana, paisa etc XD


3 months ago #9289168        

Mexico's is... Mexico? huh, wow xD


22 F
3 months ago #9288356        

I checked them out today and in every country I saw they searched for porn from their fellow countrymen, except Finland. You can guess why with Sister Finland looking like Sister Finland next to Sister Sweden...

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