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All a matter of taste


All a matter of taste

To fully get this one, go here

Have fun. :D

12th June 2013

3 days ago #9275989        

Good comic.

16 days ago #9270818        

/resources/infograph/# , not /sex-search.

Not sure what this is about. If #1, there are 2 or more years in which teens are legal (depending on the country). "Beast" is all the way down at #6 (plus they don't seem grossed out by Wales; does it even have that Wales×New Zealand meaning in Island, or is that like "bears" here in America- hairy, masculune gay men?). Everything else is something gay, "BDSM", or something to do with bungholes (be they hairy [ew] or massaged), so... not seeing why the others would be horrified.


19 M
16 days ago #9270658        

less strange than hentai. I mean cmon. This is, after all, the country with a penis museum...

21 days ago #9268642        



21 F
1 month ago #9263603        

holy shit hahahahha

2 months ago #9247812        

Well I don't think I needed to know that so now I think I'm gonna move right along here and preted I never read any of that.

2 months ago #9246952        

Isent it just a search page like redtube?


53 F
4 months ago #9207808        

Curiosity killed the cat. Iceland is curious

4 months ago #9201296        

Romania sure has a thing for incest...

5 months ago #9192020        


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