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All a matter of taste


All a matter of taste

To fully get this one, go here

Have fun. :D

12th June 2013

4 days ago #9136380      

Oh no... =/

13 days ago #9130260      

@FueledByEarlGrey Still not as self centered as Japan. All but three of Japan's top 10 have some form of "Japanese" and two of those three are "anime" and "hentai".


23 M
18 days ago #9127266      

I'm mostly curious as to how @Humon found that website. hah.

21 days ago #9125441      

Norway's top three searches are some variation of "Norwegian." Self-centered much? :p

1 month ago #9112900      

@AkatsukiKirara well that stuff is mainly what the girls watch most guys are pretty normal


36 F
1 month ago #9108992      


1 month ago #9107315      

*speechless comment*

1 month ago #9107213      

Simply bizarre.

2 months ago #9099874      

The most hilarious part was that on the top of some South American countries they had actually written 'a man having sex with another man'. Does this mean that they are so uptight that they can't say gay? xD

2 months ago #9089522      

If you want to find Iceland just press Europe. Then press Iceland on the map.

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