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All a matter of taste

All a matter of taste

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12th June 2013

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24 days ago #9343845        

I'm now way too scared to go to Iceland. And I actually kinda sorta wanted to maybe, if I had time, to visit.

26 days ago #9342943        

Japan is extemely narcesistic in it taste and most countries seem to agree with them.


37 F
2 months ago #9335250        

Lol @whale21


20 M
2 months ago #9325925        

Oh wow, Iceland's tastes have actually gotten more tame in recent years.


2 months ago #9324131        

@ChocolateBread It probably goes back longer than that. The tradition for hating Japan probably goes back to those particular islands invading the mainland every other weekend for centuries.

2 months ago #9323660        

lmao im dying

3 months ago #9317673        

Russia's and Ukraine's are very similar. Both have 'Russian' at 1 and 'anal' at 2. And I'm kinda creeped out by how many say 'mom and son' o-O

4 months ago #9299467        

Oooh... China has a love-hate relationship with Japan (all old SEA people are racist against Japan because of what happened in the 1940s)... and Japan is extremely extremely narcissist in their preferences.

4 months ago #9298905        

It's actually surprising how accurate this is...

4 months ago #9298535        

If you think Iceland's taste in porn is weird, look at Kazakhstan's...

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