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All a matter of taste

All a matter of taste

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12th June 2013

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16 F
9 hours ago #9377765        

@Tetosan Chill. 90% of all porn is trash no matter the country

18 hours ago #9377607        

@Murklan I'm not sure if i'm more concerned about you being a stuck up little kid who thinks that, just because someone is not liking the garbage western countries produce, they're a 'fucking weeabo'
Or that a 16 year old kid thinks it knows shit.

I'm sorry we're such 'fucking weeabos'. Now go back and watch your stupid GoT or Breaking Bad. That's pretty much all Western Countries can think of for TV Series.... Blood, Killing, Sex and Drugs.


16 F
1 day ago #9377406        

Last i checked the map i noticed that Finland is the only nordic country that featured ''Hentai'' on their list. ...I guess Finland is confirmed for being a fucking weaboo then.

19 days ago #9369764        

@Sunastra The searches have gotten a bit more sane since the last time I checked that link out, which was about a year ago. Iceland used to have "hairy anal" as one of its top searches, as well as "old man" or something like that.
To be honest, though, there are a lot of countries that have much more messed up searches. Syria seems very fond of incest, with "mom and son" and "sister and brother" being among the most popular searches. >_> Same with Pakistan, it's kind of disturbing.


2 months ago #9358935        

Sunastra #9357617 apparently it was mia isabella

But seriously people, Austria's favourite is german xD


18 M
2 months ago #9357617        

Can someone tell me what Iceland's preferences were? I can't look for it myself since the website is blocked in my country :/


19 F
2 months ago #9356302        

Forgot the iceland one, LOOK THE U.K. ONE FOR THE QUEENS SAKE

3 months ago #9343845        

I'm now way too scared to go to Iceland. And I actually kinda sorta wanted to maybe, if I had time, to visit.

3 months ago #9342943        

Japan is extemely narcesistic in it taste and most countries seem to agree with them.


37 F
4 months ago #9335250        

Lol @whale21

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