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Sweden Denmark and Norway

Sweden Denmark and Norway

Hooray for stereotypes!

Sweden, Denmark and Norway as we see each other and ourselves.

Sweden is seen as the most advanced country in terms of technology. In Norway they’re seen as snobs and arrogant, and in Denmark they’re seen as people who are very concerned with order, but loose all self-control when they come to Denmark to drink the cheep beer. For some reason Swedes see themselves as cleaner than the other two.

Denmark is seen, both by themselves and the others, as the most laid back country. Sweden see Danes as lazy and without self-control ever, and in Norway they’re seen as people who pursuit a comfortable life.

Norway is seen as the country that is most in touch with it’s beautiful nature. The Swedes see them as unhygienic fish-eaters, and the Danes see them as calm and easy going people.

Of the three countries, Denmark and Norway has the best relationship. Obviously. :XD:
But deep down we all see each others as friends. :)

Norway Denmark Sweden
30th June 2009
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6 years ago #9743948        

Here, On the 30th of june 2009, a great and funny web comic started. Here, at the 15th of March 2018, i will start my journey to comment on every SatW comic strip. Here we go, No turning back!

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3 years ago #9841685        

I... I just scrolled through almost 12 years of comics

And now I have nothing to do with my life


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7 years ago #9557669        

I just finished an archive binge, going backwards, and finally ended up here. Not only has this been a thoroughly entertaining experience, but I learned more about Scandinavia and the world in just a few days than I ever would have just reading about it in other sources. As a linguistics nerd, I found particularly humorous all the pages about how similar and how different the Scandinavian languages are, which I already knew about, and the kind of practical problems this can cause, which I didn't. I also got a thoroughly enjoyable set of history lessons on events that we don't learn about, or don't learn properly, here in the States.

Det var en oplevelse at læse dette! (And I hope I didn't just say "It was a resuscitation to quench this". :) )

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6 years ago #9766667        

The day that the madness began...

2 years ago #9859942        

Time to re-read every SATW chapter! :)

5 years ago #9800468        

"Hi, I'm Sweden, I'll be your IKEA customer service helper today!"
"How do you put together an.. A... Ap... Apalaerö armchair?"
"Oh, I can't help you unless you pronounce the name correctly. We comfort people after they fail until they get the hint and go to Walmart. Again, unless you pronounce the name correctly. Then we'll help you."
*Hangs up*
(Sweden looks like a customer service representative.)


6 years ago #9695175        

This. This here is where this wonderful hellhole of a comic begins. Beautiful, i'n't it?

2 years ago #9867390        

sweden looks so dead inside, much like his hetalia version /srs


3 years ago #9840365        

And so, the legends were born.

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4 years ago #9818448        

SATW is 10 years old now! Wow, it has come a long way!

BTW, make sure to check the Facebook page, seems like Humon is putting up all the new comics up there now, seeing as the site hasn't been updated since early June.

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