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All Just a Game


All Just a Game

Minecraft is Swedish
Angry Birds is Finnish

26th June 2013

7 days ago #9311528        

@Vela well, i don't follow sports, so i didn't know. But thank you for teaching me new things :)

8 days ago #9310932        

I always forget that Angry Birds is Finnish.
My nephew used to be obsessed with the game when he was younger.


14 M
18 days ago #9305522        

@Netherlands Oh boy do we have a war. It's been on forever. We Finns want to win Sweden in every way. 1995 and 2011 hockeys world championships are things that we many times mention when talking about hockey or the on going competition between the two countries

1 month ago #9295948        

the swedish ps cash cow
the finish mobile cash cow


50 M
1 month ago #9293514        

Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II are Swedish. Sweden wins.

2 months ago #9287895        


2 months ago #9287186        

Oh, shit, no wonder Finland has these kinds of games. :D

2 months ago #9282892        

So Finland has Nightwish, which is bleeding awesome, and angry birds, which is... Hmmm... A game. (cautious wording)


2 months ago #9281568        

Minecraft is cool and all, but Goat Simulator is Sweden's greatest gift to the world. 2014 GAME OF THE YEAR.

2 months ago #9278371        

I knew Minecraft was swedish, but I didn't know Angry birds is finnish!
Thank you for all these educational informations and facts about the countries;D

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