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All Just a Game


All Just a Game

Minecraft is Swedish
Angry Birds is Finnish

26th June 2013


34 F
2 months ago #9191217        

"Angry Birds" and Finland, FTW! YES!

2 months ago #9190001        

Why did He make a DIRT house? At the very least I would expect him to make a wooden house. or a stone one. Or a brick one. Or a quartz one. Or a Lapis one. Or a redstone one? or a emerald one. Or a diamond one. Or basically ANYTHING but dirt, sand or gravel.

3 months ago #9188633        

All hail Minecraft!


25 F
4 months ago #9161061        

Did Finland just mistake Sweden for a pig??? Or was that a hint?

4 months ago #9160827        

My dad (who always plays angry birds) was shocked when I told him it was made in Finland.

4 months ago #9150963        

Heh heh heh. The Swedes shall fall to Big Red. Suomi shall emerge victorious in glorious battle *cough* Did I say something?


34 F
4 months ago #9147360        

I LOVE the evil smile on Finland's face!!!

5 months ago #9144279        

This is great! Look at Sweden's nice dirt house :P
It's totally the finest example of Minecraft architecture!

5 months ago #9143111        

Figures, on both counts.


17 M
5 months ago #9140275        

nice 1 Finland nice 1

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