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Cake or Death


Cake or Death

Based on a funny coincidence.

Some time ago a woman from one of the more *ahem* foreigner suspicious Danish political parties said we no longer got cake in hospitals because of the Middle Eastern families stealing it, and a few days later this happened

Mind you, my job used to be to put out coffee and cake for the guests at hospitals, and that's not why it stopped. The government cut down on hospital funding, so the cake was the first to go.

3rd July 2013


17 M
18 days ago #9255979        

I dearly hope the White Supremacists here in America don't try spreading something like this, because this would get more people with them with the whole drug business and job-stealing-thing.

3 months ago #9204570        

It's the fucking DFers again, isn't it?

4 months ago #9190968        

@Egypt You are great.


22 M
5 months ago #9152831        

hate to say that, but Middle Eastern and specially my people can't be run by anything else a Dictator, praise Admiral General Aladeen :3


17 M
6 months ago #9140270        

cake thief


18 F
7 months ago #9129525        

Tea and cake or death, tea and cake or death! Little red cookbooks, little red cookbooks!

7 months ago #9117488        

Doesn't everyone?


36 F
7 months ago #9108991        

Dammit. Now I want cake!

8 months ago #9106819        

Cake in my tummy is the best kind of cake.

8 months ago #9106519        

Worship the cake!!!!!! O_o

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