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Cake or Death

Cake or Death

Based on a funny coincidence.

Some time ago a woman from one of the more *ahem* foreigner suspicious Danish political parties said we no longer got cake in hospitals because of the Middle Eastern families stealing it, and a few days later this happened

Mind you, my job used to be to put out coffee and cake for the guests at hospitals, and that's not why it stopped. The government cut down on hospital funding, so the cake was the first to go.

3rd July 2013

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24 days ago #9366525        

@Lukas_of_Tunsjoen: Hahahaha. I wonder what kind of cake Skåne has in his hand.

24 days ago #9366408        

@TheDoctorStarman2000 3,14

26 days ago #9365956        

@VampireYurina: And what is pie then?

1 month ago #9364543        

The cake is a LIEE!


3 months ago #9345115        



246 F
3 months ago #9343738        

*me, peacefully reading* *reads the word 'cake'*
@Cakeofdoom .


17 M
3 months ago #9340642        

I thought this was gonna be a rip on Eddie Izards sketch of the same name

4 months ago #9334324        



19 F
4 months ago #9326368        

@chaos why yes of course ;)


20 M
4 months ago #9325927        

Any self-respecting Americans will defend their cake with their lives and have the means to do so. *Starts loading 12-Gauge*

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