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Computer technician

Computer technician

Swedes are the stereotypical geeks of the North.

"Perkele" is one of the most common swearwords in Finland. In this case, the only word Finland can (or will) say, and he only say it on very special occasions. I’d sleep with one eye open tonight Sweden...

And it’s probably best you don’t ask what Denmark and Norway are up to. If Sweden isn’t with them and is willing to talk to Finland, it can’t be good. :XD:

12th December 2009
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2 days ago #9341467        

@udac- Finland is voluntarily mute: he can talk, he just chooses not to.


34 M
25 days ago #9332036        

And I now have a new word to use.


35 M
1 month ago #9329076        

I think you said Finland was mute.

1 month ago #9324166        

That one time when your Russian friend beats up his computer with his pipe: "...Ivan, you expect ME to fix THIS?!" (Points to smoking pile of computer pieces)
And the other when your Swiss friend shoots the computer: "VASH, GIVE ME ONE REASON YOU WOULD SHOOT A COMPUTER FOR GOODNESS SAKE?!" (Flails arms in exasperation)


2 months ago #9322907        

Sweden seems to be the Albus Dumbledore of computers :D


15 F
2 months ago #9322857        


2 months ago #9317585        

Such a clever comic...

3 months ago #9293355        

Actually, according to the UN technology advancement index, Finland is the MOST technologically advanced country :)
(2nd is the USA and only 3rd Sweden)


4 months ago #9278662        

Why has Finland not put Linus Torvalds on their money yet?

Or at least a giant statue of him at the University of Helsinki.

5 months ago #9271186        

I think the reason Danes think of the Swedes as the geeks of the North and not the Finns, is that we generally don't have anything to do with Finland.

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