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Computer technician

Computer technician

Swedes are the stereotypical geeks of the North.

"Perkele" is one of the most common swearwords in Finland. In this case, the only word Finland can (or will) say, and he only say it on very special occasions. I’d sleep with one eye open tonight Sweden...

And it’s probably best you don’t ask what Denmark and Norway are up to. If Sweden isn’t with them and is willing to talk to Finland, it can’t be good. :XD:

12th December 2009

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5 months ago #9377309        



@Svear I'm just being honest. :)


20 M
5 months ago #9377239        



@Kalastajamoraali Don't be so hard on yourself sister Finland.

5 months ago #9376526        



@FinnishWolf Being one quarter swedish and one english doesn't help me one bit. I must have some dominant dumb-finn genes...


20 M
5 months ago #9371832        



@Aleksanteri This may be true today, but the image others outside Finland built up while they were advancing in technology was rockhard personalities hardened by living in the coldest country in europe, which painted up the picture that finnish people like saunas, beer and space.

Well, this video of K-rauta's swedish comercial explains everything (No subtitles)!

Just for the heck of it, here is a swedish parody of the same comercial!

6 months ago #9365355        



Well, it was only one index which i found. :)

6 months ago #9363041        



@finnhare I call BS on that index. It doesn't even have Estonia in the top 20. (Granted, it's in the 21st place, but even so...)

6 months ago #9361754        



This is very ironic, seeing as Finland is the most technological country in the world

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7 months ago #9356110        



I dont know whose interest is try to make Finland looks always like a total idiot.
Here is two comparisons ; Global Information Technology Report 2014 and The World’s Leading Nations for Innovation and Technology 2011.
These comparisons shows that Finland is much more than "neandertahl" :)

The Networked Readiness Index 2014 and the winner was "surprice" Finland :) (link under) . There was 148 countrys in this competition.
"This year marks the 13th edition of the Global Information Technology Report, which provides a comprehensive assessment of networked readiness, or how prepared an economy is to apply the benefits of information and communications technologies (ICTs) to promote economic growth and well-being. Using updated methodology that was introduced in 2012, the report ranks the progress of 148 economies in leveraging ICTs to increase productivity, economic growth and the number of quality jobs".

The Networked Readiness Index 2014
Rank Country/Economy Value 2013 rank (out of 144)
1 Finland 6.04 1
2 Singapore 5.97 2
3 Sweden 5.93 3
4 Netherlands 5.79 4
5 Norway 5.70 5
6 Switzerland 5.62 6
7 United States 5.61 9
8 Hong Kong SAR 5.60 14
9 United Kingdom 5.54 7
10 Korea, Rep. 5.54 11
11 Luxembourg 5.53 16
12 Germany 5.50 13
13 Denmark 5.50 8
14 Taiwan, China 5.47 10
15 Israel 5.42 15
16 Japan 5.41 21
17 Canada 5.41 12
18 Australia 5.40 18
19 Iceland 5.30 17
20 New Zealand 5.27 20

The World’s Leading Nations for Innovation and Technology (link under). Competition from year 2011 and Finland was again winner.
It provides a wealth of data to measure the relative standing of 82 nations on technology, innovation, human capital and other measures of economic competitiveness.

7 months ago #9355562        



I feel like Finland. So many times in a week. And my half Swedish friend has a habit to help me with it...

7 months ago #9354101        



OMG! This my family! My Uncle is a computer tec guy and when ever we have problems with our computers that we can't fix, we go to him and he fixes them in five to ten minutes flat. O_O

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