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Eurovision 2012


Eurovision 2012

So this year's winner is Sweden. He is quite pleased. Just look at his happy little face. ^u^

He fought quite a battle with the Russian grannies, but ended up beating them.

The "screw you" to Norway and Denmark is because Sweden only gave 3 points to Norway and nothing to Denmark.
In the end Norway ended up at the very bottom with only 7 points and Denmark fourth last with 21 points.

The rest can be explained by the acts.
Sweden and the tai chi dance
Russia and the grannies A translation of the song
France and her hunks The official video is much the same, plus gas mask action
Turkey and his man-boat

4th June 2012

25 days ago #9122346      

I bet Sweden's has to pee (that's why he's standing like a shelf ornament) :)


14 M
2 months ago #9102453      

Well.....The best song wins! ;)

2 months ago #9095910      

does france have two americas.....

3 months ago #9075670      

lol Åland and swedens poses at the end

3 months ago #9069422      

I should start paying attention to Eurovision...


25 F
4 months ago #9046884      

hehehe i love how asland poses under sweden XD and how sweden poses XD


37 F
4 months ago #9035939      

Heheh, Aland's got a nice view.

5 months ago #9023767      

Switzerland is probley my favorite

5 months ago #9023761      

i'm officially in love with Eurovision its good music all in one I really wish America had good music like this our music's not the best

5 months ago #9023646 American and it seems like we are missing out big time

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