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Discuss the country spirits comic.
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Ask anything about *insert name* country here. Your fellow forum users will tell you.
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Help to translate the comic into other languages.
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Submissions for the SatW animation.
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21 M
Topic: Sutton Hoo man totally a Swede. 4 minutes ago #9393081          

@Tulisilli @Finn123 no, u troll!

Everyone know Finnish history was rewritten in 20th century by nationalistic Finns who wanted to distance newly independent Finland from Sweden.

@kamakrazee_warboy some speculate he could have had Swedish ancestry though. The anglo-saxon guy that English archaeologists think it is. dont remember name. :3


21 M

Online Now
Topic: Anime Thread II 6 minutes ago #9393080          

I've only seen one episode of Shimoneta... But after seeing lots of images about it... I don't wanna watch anything of it ever again.

Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 32 minutes ago #9393078          

@Fawley u gei son


21 M
Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 33 minutes ago #9393077          

I like penises in my mouth


20 M
Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 1 hour ago #9393072          

@plgirlpl #9392829
I wonder if anyone has ever worn one of those in public without feeling ashamed, stupid, or something like that.

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