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General discussion. Anything you want to talk about.
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Discuss the country spirits comic.
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Country Questions

Ask anything about *insert name* country here. Your fellow forum users will tell you.
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Role Play

You are your avatar.
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Help to translate the comic into other languages.
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Comic Ideas and Development

Got a great idea for a strip? Discuss it here.
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Message Forum

Chat with specific people using @name.
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Give feedback and help to build a better forum and website.
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314 O
Topic: What's On Your Mind #93 4 months ago #9391368          

Nooooooooooooooo!!! Why are there upvotes and downvotes?! No one other than me will upvote my comments!!

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Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 4 months ago #9395253          



314 O
Topic: What's On Your Mind #94 4 months ago #9395000          

Ok, I'll try to upvote this comment a bunch of times just because I'm bored

UPDATE: gave up


16 F
Topic: test of nest and votes 4 months ago #9394272          

@Dayvi Maybe you could add a system that won't allow you to vote on a comment more than once. Actually, you probably should...
Self votes should also be disallowed.

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Topic: NEW nested comments 4 months ago #9391219          

I really appreciate all the hard work you're doing for this site, I do. That said, could we please get rid off the nesting comments and go back to how things used to be?

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