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Topic: Ask anything about Sweden II 2 minutes ago #9342154        

@Vela Our goverment are only for working with NATO but not join them. Some parties wants to discuss about the good things on getting a NATO membership but the "main" parties in our goverment are too narrow minded and don't want to aslo fear that Russia will be more threatening towards Sweden if we joined (that's what I heard from some kind of expert) Anyhow I think there is a posibility that we join if Finland will.

Topic: Ask anything about Palestine 15 minutes ago #9342153        

@MeddlingAmerican He is wearing the palestinian scarf. That is the ultimate symbol of allegiance, and we would protect him to the death.

Topic: Ace! (Sexuality thread) 15 minutes ago #9342152        

After reading up on what demiromantic is, I might fit under there, since it I have known the person for around 5 years, before I felt any romantic attraction at all. I do, however, appreciate good looks for the aesthetic beauty (A pretty body shape and a symmetrical pretty face is a bit like a work of art, I can appreciate it for its sheer beauty, but that is it), but since I am not attracted towards people with good looks in general I could probably rule looks out. The only reason I hesitate with doing so is because the aforemented person actually does look good, so it is impossible to rule out that it did not factor in at all.
In any case, I just label myself as an asexual if people ask, since it is easier than trying to explain my base for romantic attraction since I am not even sure what triggered it in the single case I experienced. I have no other data to compare it with, I just know that the frequency of it happening is very low.


17 F
Topic: Meroni's Laboratory 20 minutes ago #9342150        

Ah! It's funny how time passes. It's 10:26 already. Well, I must close the laboratory and sleep.
Good night.

Topic: Ask anything about Palestine 21 minutes ago #9342149        

Isn't that kind of dangerous for him to be out there during those clashes?

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