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French Siblings

French Siblings

I'm sorry for spamming you with random crap, but I can't sleep.
Here you have the French siblings, and just to clear one thing up: A lot of people seem to think that the male sibling is automatically the "main country" so I've seen quite a few people asking "why do we only see Sister France and not France?"
In the case of France, she is the main character, and her brother comes second, so it's France and Brother France.

Brother France has pretty much the same personality as his sister, though he can be more rude and likes to play the role of the misunderstood artist. Finding him slashing and/or burning his own paintings while naked is not unusual, unless he's protesting something and going on strike.

I imagine him to have very elegant (borderline feminine) movements, but a rather deep voice.

The quote is from this song

10th August 2012
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1 month ago #9330290        

Strange, I'm listening to my iPod and I clicked Random and this came up just as the song "Gay or European" came on! Love this musical, and France and her brother are, appropriately, very chic.

2 months ago #9320442        

Oh France(s), I love you so :)

2 months ago #9312942        

Brother France looks like Gene Kelly.


15 F
3 months ago #9303165        

Her little glasses are awesome.


11 months ago #9139813        

Oh nothing really
I'm just doing it for the sake of it ;)


25 F
11 months ago #9139589        

@CharlesXI and what have i done? sorry i´m just really confused

11 months ago #9139088        

I'm just being greatful for what you've done *sniffles*


25 F
11 months ago #9138579        

@CharlesXI i have the strange feeling i missed something important...

12 months ago #9135213        

@timmogens you know about Picts?!?!?
What's Wales's National tribe?
I'm pretty sure Cardiff will not sink for another million years, but when it does billions of people will be there to rescue you :)

12 months ago #9135007        

Okay, I can see when I'm not enough beloved. It's because the welsh flag isn't it? everybody forgets Wales. if cardiff sanks nobody would care... XD*joke*
Also love you litlle Pict

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