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Iceland ain't right


Iceland ain't right

During a volcanic eruption in 1973 on Iceland the lava started flowing towards a harbor. Fishing was responsible for almost all of Iceland's income, so to save the harbor they decided to try and control the lava flow's path by pouring water on it. Day and night they pumped water from the sea on it and ran back and forth across the still not quite cooled lava, melting the soles under their shoes. The plan worked, and the harbor was saved.

In other words, Icelanders can walk on lava and control it's flow. I'm telling ya', that just ain't right!

And to my supporters: Go suggest things for me to make comics about here I'm only listening to you guys now, so you hold all the power in your hands!

20th September 2011


24 F
8 days ago #9310737        

@lilma wow, thanks for your info, now I understand! ;) :D Iceland seems a great place indeed :)


23 F
13 days ago #9308406        

@Flo722 I think the demon things are because Hekla, one of our volcanoes is supposed to be the gate to hell... that's the reason for our demonic powers and awesomeness... or something ;)


24 F
23 days ago #9301247        

There's only one thing I don't understand...why Iceland has demons? Are they so spiritual or what? :D

23 days ago #9300913        

This is the best comic ever. I love Denmark's reaction^^

24 days ago #9300826        

The fact that they didn't take the chance to have Denmark say 'Anti-Christ-land' is shocking :O


15 F
27 days ago #9298973        

5 things about this comic are absolutely perfect.
1. Iceland's eased walking/talking
2. Denmark's reaction
3. Sweden's reaction to Denmark's reaction
4. Sweden's reaction to Iceland
5. How Norway is just staring

30 days ago #9297856        

I support Denmarks Ideas. I shall be king!

30 days ago #9297850        

I love Denmark's reaction :-)

1 month ago #9291487        

I love it when Sweden smacks Denmark

2 months ago #9287166        

Sweden: That just ain't right.


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