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Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Yes, it’s an Angela Merkel joke. ;)

People have a tendency to confuse “big breasts” with “beautiful” so I’ll have to mention that Sister Germany is not a hottie. She's a normal looking girl who just happens to have huge scary breasts that can give you a concussion and crush a puppy to death if she wish so.

Yes, I added the moustache to make her look more scary (And to watch you freak out :XD: )

7th September 2010

Tagged in Germany Denmark Finland Italy Sweden

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25 F
2 months ago #9353597        

Lady Germany is my favourite character, i hope to see new comics about her but i enjoy all the others too.
About the beard, i don´t know if it was intentional or not but Angie (as we like to call her (Angela Merkel)) was often made fun of because of her hair. It was said she looked like Prinz Eisenherz
And many criticised that she dresses too "manly" because she doesn´t wear dresses or skirts.
Well either way this is by far my favourite comic and i can´t stop laughing about the little nosebleed.
Keep up the good work

2 months ago #9352930        

Finland knows what's up.

3 months ago #9343874        

Deal. Eyes it is.

Maybe a little despairing once I've had a few drinks.

3 months ago #9342868        

@Melvin1305 had you expected something else from a dane?


4 months ago #9330328        

@Canadaforeverandever: ...yup. You shall fear her OR DESPAIR!

4 months ago #9329609        

Finland got to be... almost cute... In his own bizarre way.

4 months ago #9328174        

love the sign, Finland!

4 months ago #9326328        

Italy and Denmark, you perverts!


21 M
5 months ago #9324531        

Murika fears no man... but that... thing.... is no man.

5 months ago #9324394        

Lady Germany should be feared so watch out!

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