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Iron Lady

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Iron Lady

Yes, it’s an Angela Merkel joke. ;)

People have a tendency to confuse “big breasts” with “beautiful” so I’ll have to mention that Sister Germany is not a hottie. She's a normal looking girl who just happens to have huge scary breasts that can give you a concussion and crush a puppy to death if she wish so.

Yes, I added the moustache to make her look more scary (And to watch you freak out :XD: )

6th September 2010

20 days ago #9281536        

This is why I left Italy


13 F
28 days ago #9277249        

I lov her, just the moustache is a bit much maybe

2 months ago #9259409        

I dunno, I think Sister Germany is pretty awesome. She needs more comics, if a way to work them can be found.

3 months ago #9255163        

I love Finland so much. <3

5 months ago #9211324        

Well the mustache failed to make me freak out but the fact that she can crush puppy between them is freaky

6 months ago #9191089        

CharmingGermany - SATW is all funny stereotypes, and of course not every person in a country can live up to one stereotype. ;)
I've never in my life seen someone who looks like Sweden or Sister Sweden, and I've lived here for 23 years (all my life).
It's just a stereotype.


27 M
7 months ago #9163217        

Gread comic as always xD And a good job on freaking us out, damn you moustache >.<
@CharmingGermany Don't worry about not being a stereotype, the average breast size of german women should be between C and D but I have no idea where this studie was done because it's a lie T_T

8 months ago #9146820        

0.0.... I'm not like that... does that mean I'm not german?! O.o and are there more Sister Germany comics on the way? I would like to see her more often... minus the moustache... we really don't have one >.<

9 months ago #9128754        

NEAUTIFUL SIGN FINLAND just beautiful (and also true). ;) :D :)

9 months ago #9122333        

I might have a crush on lady Germany now

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