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It's all about the children


It's all about the children That is all you need.

3rd April 2013


15 F
21 days ago #9301591        

Love the shark's surprised face.


23 M
1 month ago #9295667        

We're far tougher than people think. Wales is very well behaved; we keep to ourselves. Not loud and drunk like the other Celtic nations.

2 months ago #9279391        

Wales is c-ute :D

2 months ago #9278346        

I like that Christinia is a boy with long hair;)

2 months ago #9277920        

What a man!

2 months ago #9272309        

The British have a similar relationship to Wales as America does to Canada. It's their nice, sleepy, pleasant, polite neighbor that you nevertheless do NOT want to piss off.

3 months ago #9272102        

Clearly you have never seen Welsh men fight...

7 months ago #9184108        

Even the shark is surprised.


27 M
8 months ago #9166590        

Not bad Walse, you did a great job xD

8 months ago #9162701        

but we always chuck the sharks back into the water look at all our vids of blokes dragging sharks back into the water XD

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