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It's all about the children


It's all about the children That is all you need.

3rd April 2013

3 days ago #9135727      

Gently Wales, gently! thats it :D
hay i didnt know wales kill sharks. get it? get it? get it?

10 days ago #9131472      

Woo! Welshmen! C'mere and see our other dangerous animals.


18 F
13 days ago #9129534      

my face: :OOOOOOOO kind of

20 days ago #9124876      

alright thanks

26 days ago #9119991      

@carolinecarnivor @dalekkittehs
Be quiet!!!! >_<
Most Canadians are French & Scottish!

1 month ago #9109068      


1 month ago #9107954      

I don't know much about Wales, but my friend visited that place (my friend has traveled all over the goddamn world,) and she said the people there were about as nice as Canadians.

1 month ago #9107188      

That's very true as I'm 1/4th Welsh and their very persuasive people
Plus you spelt well wrong

2 months ago #9101160      

We should all love the welsh!

2 months ago #9099646      

lol The shark never saw it coming

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