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It's all about the children

It's all about the children That is all you need.

3rd April 2013

Tagged in Christiania Australia Scotland FennoSwede America Wales

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576 M
6 days ago #9373806        

I feel Iceland should do this. He'd do it with one hand while doing whatever with the other.

2 months ago #9354403        

thegeographyexpert Scots are known for not taking crap from anybody :P

2 months ago #9351004        

Why Scotland? I understand USA and australia, but Scotland? Why not England or somebody like that?

3 months ago #9343578        

That's right,go ahead and pose all you want,guys. Wales is probably the one who actually pays attention....



21 M
3 months ago #9339411        

Alls Wale that ends Wale.

Sorry. I'll go hide in a corner now.

3 months ago #9338969        

Leave it to Wales!


13 M
4 months ago #9336862        

@Shitzadorina I guess they don't have VA for Wales yet.

4 months ago #9335511        

Speaking of this comic again:

And I forgive the animators for not having Wales scream: "Not the children!" as that ending was awesome!

4 months ago #9329254        

Austraila is so cute


15 F
6 months ago #9301591        

Love the shark's surprised face.

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