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Part of the Gang


Part of the Gang

Scotland has talked about wanting to become a Nordic country, so the Nordics can be a bit protective of him...

6th November 2013

6 days ago #9265635        

What's wrong with the hat? it's a nice hat.

7 days ago #9265048        

@theNewNordic I'm so sorry. But we do really love you, a lot, and we are very happy that overall you chose to stay with us. Neverscareuslikethatagain.

1 month ago #9250242        

hey nordics! come save us please! they wouldnt give us a democratic vote they ruined it and now we r stuck with no way out! help! :( we wanna join you! little brother scotland needs you guys!

1 month ago #9244445        

Don't mess with Vikings, girlfriend! We take care of our homies! XD

2 months ago #9243548 America is making an offer.

2 months ago #9239771        

ZOMG! I am SO looking forward for your update on Scottish independence. I've been listening to BBC Radio4 the past couple of days, and it looks like Brother England is completely crapping hs pants. I've heard so much about "tragic breakups", "not valueing the union" and "final divorces" that it would last for several seasons worth of telenovela...!!!

3 months ago #9215020        

Never talk shit about brother Scotland!


25 M
4 months ago #9199573        

Scots Wha Hae!

4 months ago #9198565        

the hat is a cool hat ;)

4 months ago #9188039        

Yeah! Let's hear it for Scotland!

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