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Part of the Gang

Scotland has talked about wanting to become a Nordic country, so the Nordics can be a bit protective of him...

6th November 2013

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20 M
9 days ago #9372715        

Hm, ya., I'd welcome Scotland. ♥

Just make the flag form a cross instead of an X and you're welcome!

11 days ago #9372173        

@Iateapenguin 'twas but a joke

11 days ago #9372088        

Not really...

11 days ago #9371948        

Scotland doesn't need protection, people need protection from Scotland



15 F
25 days ago #9366404        

I'm sorry, best.

2 months ago #9350680        

If they got into a fight, England would definitely win in terms of military power

3 months ago #9346607        

One day.. ;_;

5 months ago #9312501        

@HappytimeJR PewDie's voice fits pretty well.


15 F
6 months ago #9302739        

Haha, they mean to protect Scotland, but they're probably suffocating him instead.

6 months ago #9295618        

I read that last line in Pewdiepies voice. I'm not proud of myself.

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