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Part of the Gang

Scotland has talked about wanting to become a Nordic country, so the Nordics can be a bit protective of him...

6th November 2013
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2 months ago #9312501        

@HappytimeJR PewDie's voice fits pretty well.


15 F
3 months ago #9302739        

Haha, they mean to protect Scotland, but they're probably suffocating him instead.

3 months ago #9295618        

I read that last line in Pewdiepies voice. I'm not proud of myself.


18 M
4 months ago #9279613        

@TheNewNordic , it was a democratic choice (but we Yes voters lost). Best we can do now is just wait and see how devolution works.

As for being Scandanavian, sadly most of my countrymen are hating tax as badly as the English, so we can't really get that great system. They want to be Scandanavian, but don't, if you know what I mean.

Hey ho, going worse for my family in Catalunya


4 months ago #9278406        

Go Scotland!!!:D

4 months ago #9277940        

Scotlands awesome!

5 months ago #9271756        

Just big, glaring eyes.


14 M
5 months ago #9270885        

It's a shame that didn't work out. I believe that Scotland would have been better off without Britain. On the other hand, glad they also stayed, as this means a better side of Britain has not been lost.

5 months ago #9265635        

What's wrong with the hat? it's a nice hat.

5 months ago #9265048        

@theNewNordic I'm so sorry. But we do really love you, a lot, and we are very happy that overall you chose to stay with us. Neverscareuslikethatagain.

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