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Part of the Gang


Part of the Gang

Scotland has talked about wanting to become a Nordic country, so the Nordics can be a bit protective of him...

6th November 2013

20 days ago #9215020        

Never talk shit about brother Scotland!


24 M
1 month ago #9199573        

Scots Wha Hae!

1 month ago #9198565        

the hat is a cool hat ;)

2 months ago #9188039        

Yeah! Let's hear it for Scotland!

2 months ago #9176535        


3 months ago #9163338        

Now, if only the 'Better Together" camp listened to you guys, not the president of bloody Spain.
The Nordics are our friends forevs. :3

3 months ago #9150950        

Never talk shit to Scotts, got it.


34 F
4 months ago #9147306        

Dude, I want a hat like that!

4 months ago #9144571        

Nice hat

4 months ago #9143630        

full respect. stand by your friends

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