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Sheep are Cute


Sheep are Cute

In case you haven’t seen the parents before
And Sweden is referring to this

This is another one of those “been lying around forever” comics, because it’s amazingly stupid.
New South Wales is Australia's most populous state, so the idea that New South Wales is the offspring of New Zealand and Wales is purely based on the name. :D

22nd September 2010

4 days ago #9137187      

New South Wales looks so adorable~

2 months ago #9105163      

New Zealand was once part of the colony of New South Wales.... Second paragraph of the wiki article...

2 months ago #9103445      

Hey! Welcome to the group! Good to see ya round!

2 months ago #9103441      

Good bloody grief Waleso-0

2 months ago #9100906      

Well, couldn't think of anything better for Denmark to say.

2 months ago #9092562      

shut up Norway you made an alcoholic out of sand_HA calassic

3 months ago #9062121      

Denmark OP XD

3 months ago #9060597      

I love love denmark ::-)


16 F
4 months ago #9049302      

Shut up Norway you made an alchoholic out of sand! BEST.LINE.EVER.


14 M
4 months ago #9035926      

The look on Norway's face in the third panel... Its indescribable.

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