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Sheep are Cute

Sheep are Cute

In case you haven’t seen the parents before
And Sweden is referring to this

This is another one of those “been lying around forever” comics, because it’s amazingly stupid.
New South Wales is Australia's most populous state, so the idea that New South Wales is the offspring of New Zealand and Wales is purely based on the name. :D

23rd September 2010

Tagged in Sweden New Zealand New South Wales Norway Wales Denmark

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1 month ago #9361858        

I bet This happened after the naked sheep comic

2 months ago #9359491        

I hope the other ones are human, 'cos this makes no sense what so ever. NSW is older that NZ and technically NZ should be NSW's daughter...


26 M
2 months ago #9359334        

@Charlemagne Makes me wonder... What would the other states of Australia look like?

2 months ago #9352228        

@aecoleman If you can make an alcoholic out of sand you can dodge a wrench.
-Ice0tea 2015



17 M
3 months ago #9340626        

I honestly thought that New South Wales was founded by the Welsh and New Zealanders when I was little (I'm an NSWer)

4 months ago #9328450        

"I wanna bang a sheep too! Why haven't I banged a sheep yet, Sweden?"
Oh my God I love Denmark soooooooo much!

6 months ago #9297224        

Ahhh NSW one of states of Australia. Such south, many whales, much new

7 months ago #9288499        

"You made an alcoholic out of sand!" -- best quote ever ^_^


19 F
8 months ago #9267253        

GO NSW!!! gosh it's so cute ^_^ i have to agree with you on both points @Polosha77

9 months ago #9258468        

1. Go home Denmark, you're drunk.... again

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