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Suggestive Talk

All that just to try and pick up Sister Japan. :XD:

A silly idea that didn’t deserve an entire comic.

I was talking with a German girl about how more than half of Denmark’s tourists are from Germany, and that something like 70% of the people who rent summer houses here are Germans. And if we don’t get as many Germans as usual, we start to worry we did something wrong and that the Germans no longer like us.

She said, “Aw, don’t worry. We just need to see other countries every now and then, but Germany will always love Denmark.”

And the most natural response was of course, “Don’t tell Sister America that. It does not work with her Norway/Denmark ship” :XD:

30th July 2010

Tagged in Germany Denmark America Japan

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1 month ago #9365451        

Sister America's chihuahua is just startled and shaking and i just can't :XD:
Also Denmark is good at making quotation marks in his speech without using his hands... Enough to make any fan girl clatter their teacup too


52 M
1 month ago #9364298        

Currently watching the TV series "1864" on British TV.... yup, the Germans loved Denmark a lot then and wanted to be sure of the beaches....

1 month ago #9362394        

I agree with Lady America on this one... Though I think Denmark and Germany more of a Bromance.

2 months ago #9358659        

Sister Japan's appearance in a lot of these comics seems really random.


2 months ago #9358208        

I live in America but Denmark\Germany is my OTP \(//∇//)\

3 months ago #9348698        

I love to ship Denmark with everybody, actually! :3 Specially because he is one of those characters you actually CAN ship with EVERYBODY. He'd like that!!! XD
Everybody but Finland, because Finland....

3 months ago #9347088        

Lot of the tourists in Norway are german too

3 months ago #9343003        

This comic has made me love Denmark and Germany even more


34 M

Online Now
4 months ago #9332118        

Cant get over Germany's reaction

4 months ago #9331340        

@Mecharic Well said my friend, well said

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