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Suggestive Talk


Suggestive Talk

All that just to try and pick up Sister Japan. :XD:

A silly idea that didn’t deserve an entire comic.

I was talking with a German girl about how more than half of Denmark’s tourists are from Germany, and that something like 70% of the people who rent summer houses here are Germans. And if we don’t get as many Germans as usual, we start to worry we did something wrong and that the Germans no longer like us.

She said, “Aw, don’t worry. We just need to see other countries every now and then, but Germany will always love Denmark.”

And the most natural response was of course, “Don’t tell Sister America that. It does not work with her Norway/Denmark ship” :XD:

29th July 2010


15 F
22 days ago #9306172        

@Slazmir *rolls eyes*


22 M
24 days ago #9305210        

But we just wants to conquer the World!! If you know what I mean ;)


15 F
27 days ago #9302570        

Denmark! Stop being so suggestive! America is getting angry and it's scaring Germany!


27 days ago #9302548        


The city in the movie is named "Koriko" but Miyazaki said the visual inspiration came from Visby and Stockholm.

1 month ago #9299618        

@Dan Wait seriously?? Kiki's DElivery Service is set in Sweden??!


19 O
1 month ago #9298197        

Plenty of room for one more......

2 months ago #9291187        

too bad denmark, fujoshis actually prefer voyeurism

2 months ago #9285720        

@12jacksonla1 The chihuahua's name is Ottawa.


2 months ago #9278674        

Japan actually does love Sweden quite a bit. So much so that Miyazaki chose Visby as the setting of Kiki's Delivery Service.

3 months ago #9268319        

Even the chihuahua looks scared….

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