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Never ever try to mess with Dutch and Danish bikers. They’re fucking nuts!

Iceland actually have more cars for each person than even America, so he can just go home and get another one. :XD:

And some of you might ask why Netherlands isn’t blond and wearing wooden shoes. It’s because this is our stereotype for the Dutch
(When he isn’t speaking English he’s just talking gibberish. The guy is just imitating what Dutch sounds like to us) :XD:

By the way, I stole the "the match was a draw" joke from a Danish radio host who was joking around with a Dutch radio host. :D

3rd July 2010

Tagged in Denmark Cars Netherlands Iceland

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2 days ago #9377075        

Today I learned "Cars" is a country.

17 days ago #9370889        

Hi Zeust... it's not tobacco in that cigarette. Sweden has glasses, Norway has a fish, Denmark has a beer bottle and Holland has a joint.


576 M
21 days ago #9369090        

Why is the Dutch guy handling a cigarette? I live in the Netherlands and spent 3 months in Denmark, and am under the impression that more people smoke in Denmark than in the Netherlands. Though maybe it's just because I spent time in Denmark's capitol and a small town in the Netherlands.
Also what's up with Denmark holding a beer in literally every comic? Granted, I kinda like that, but maybe he's a bit overdoing it.

4 months ago #9328997        

@Dimi :D


4 months ago #9328962        

@KofodDane We do have a lot in common!

5 months ago #9324903        

iceland most really like cars,

5 months ago #9320083        

I may feel sorry for iceland

5 months ago #9316927        

I have something to say. My dad owns over 30 cars, and we live in America.


15 F
6 months ago #9303340        

His car! :(

6 months ago #9296103        

Guys, Holland isn't a country.

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