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Never ever try to mess with Dutch and Danish bikers. They’re fucking nuts!

Iceland actually have more cars for each person than even America, so he can just go home and get another one. :XD:

And some of you might ask why Netherlands isn’t blond and wearing wooden shoes. It’s because this is our stereotype for the Dutch
(When he isn’t speaking English he’s just talking gibberish. The guy is just imitating what Dutch sounds like to us) :XD:

By the way, I stole the "the match was a draw" joke from a Danish radio host who was joking around with a Dutch radio host. :D

2nd July 2010

28 days ago #9114426      

I know!

28 days ago #9114043      

Sweet Jesus Christ man , Northern Ireland !

28 days ago #9114037      

@Meanwhile @plgirpl

28 days ago #9114032      


28 days ago #9114028      

No not Scotland sure where else would I be referring to as the North ?

28 days ago #9114009      

Sorry I miss read I thought they were talking about Scotland

28 days ago #9113993      

Actually it's my dad's name, and those fucking drunk retards can speak for their fucking useless selves they probably came from English immigrants from when they invaded, no wonder they left all they could eat we're fucking plain potato's

28 days ago #9113985      

I know a Stuart it's Ulster Scot name
Yeah they want to be United some day though there are some in the class who think the ones in the North are English bastards

28 days ago #9113977      

*chuckles* I was reading game of thrones then one of the lords kills this man and randomly says "winter is upon us!"
0_0. Most of the people at school smoke and don't take any pride in Scotland (un patriotic bastards!)
By the way my real name is Charles, Stuart, Bannerman

28 days ago #9113969      

Thou has not celebrated that saint day :P I'm only joking man and it was a great excuse for young ones to get full yet again (there is a girl in class that we call an alcoholic XD )

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