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Welsh Smash


Welsh Smash

I recently spent a week in Wales and it was an absolute joy. There's so much to see and the people are great, so I will most likely go back next year.

And one thing you can't help but be impressed by is the Welsh written language. Never before have I seen a language look so random, and I learned that it's a running joke that Welsh is basically just random key smashing. And I don't mean that mockingly, because that is bloody amazing.

19th November 2013


48 M
2 days ago #9313379        


Please give "Jeffrey" my apologies. ;)


21 M
2 days ago #9313359        

I'm pretty sure this is how the YouTube comment section works too.


22 F
12 days ago #9308548        

Welsh is the better language XD

15 days ago #9306495        

...How DARE you spell his name wrong! D:<


48 M
18 days ago #9304281        

@ShylokVakarian I know. I was just agreeing with what you said. But... it's okay to name a wall "Jeffery", so long as it doesn't talk back to you when you talk to it. :P

19 days ago #9303635        

I specified "the five COMMON vowels". Y is special. It's like that one wall in Mr. Cooley's classroom that I named "Jeffrey".


14 F
22 days ago #9301558        

That is an awful comic! YhdgdhdhjfhdBdbch Hdgdyehnfidkdhdn!!!


48 M
24 days ago #9300610        


Which is why your English teacher said, "...and sometimes 'y'," when talking about vowels. :P

2 months ago #9287192        


Please, I can write an entire sentence without the five common vowels (We only have one special vowel, y). In English.

Shy gypsy shyly spryly tryst by my crypt.

It's quite odd, but it totally works.

2 months ago #9283747        

Actually Welsh makes much more sense than English xD English is soooo much more complicated and random. As soon as you know the Welsh alphabet, you can read everything. But if you know the English'll read like half of the words wrong. Maybe even more ;)

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