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Welsh Smash


Welsh Smash

I recently spent a week in Wales and it was an absolute joy. There's so much to see and the people are great, so I will most likely go back next year.

And one thing you can't help but be impressed by is the Welsh written language. Never before have I seen a language look so random, and I learned that it's a running joke that Welsh is basically just random key smashing. And I don't mean that mockingly, because that is bloody amazing.

19th November 2013

9 days ago #9134440      

Meh I've got an ipad. I'd end up smashing it :(


999 M
16 days ago #9129773      

@Tobias_Egerhei I think ima try aswell.. .vestö,bj,akv.rwz-f,besötdogmö.svrchsryÖfhsåäÖrfäsåbkdepstfljÄ-GRXÄEFT.HSI, Hhhmph thats damn nice....

16 days ago #9129558      

I'm gone try it!


You're welcome!


23 M
20 days ago #9127271      

How about the road in Wales? O.o

1 month ago #9111567      

Wales is awesome!

2 months ago #9103356      

We love you Wales!!!!!

2 months ago #9102740      

I'm guessing that name came about long before tourist advertising, huh?

2 months ago #9099768      

Is it me, or does Whales' design make him look a bit like Sherlock's Cumberbatch?

2 months ago #9096544      

Where is New Zealand?

2 months ago #9096059      

Wales is so cute

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