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Welsh Smash

Welsh Smash

I recently spent a week in Wales and it was an absolute joy. There's so much to see and the people are great, so I will most likely go back next year.

And one thing you can't help but be impressed by is the Welsh written language. Never before have I seen a language look so random, and I learned that it's a running joke that Welsh is basically just random key smashing. And I don't mean that mockingly, because that is bloody amazing.

19th November 2013

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Online Now
15 days ago #9384674        

A few days ago a Welsh Ministry issued a statement about the incidence of UFOs near the Cardiff Airport. The statement was in Klingon. Really.

Apparently no one cared. I suspect Klingon is easier to understand than Welsh.

17 days ago #9383656        

What boggles me is the Welsh emmigration to Chile over a century ago. They speak very pure Welsh, --with a Spanish accent.

28 days ago #9377534        

well then now i know how the rest of the world feels about are language XD


28 M
2 months ago #9362549        

@TheDoctorStarman2000 Hence the reason why everyone types it as Llanfair PG!


3 months ago #9359024        

@crwydryny: The fact that there exists a quadruple l in Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch should give a hint.

3 months ago #9354557        

Also I accidentally put in the word that in the translator from welsh to English and it came out as tattoo

3 months ago #9354556        

Great comic
Welsh is hilarious
ble mae'r orsaf drenau is welsh for where is the train station
Rwy'n casáu comiwnyddiaeth is welsh for i hate communism
lle yw eich defaid is welsh for where are your sheep

3 months ago #9353218        

@crwydryny Omg, I really wonder who came up with the Welsh language and why it had to be those random typed words:XD:

3 months ago #9353131        

@carcinoGeneticist funny thing is I reciently tried to teach a friend in america how to say a few words in welsh (all the fun ones ;-) ) her response every time she see's LL now is "IT'S THAT THING"

also for the reccord it's not compleatly random... it's random key smashing without hitting "J" "K" "Q" "V" "X" or "Z" so remove those keys from your keyboard then randomly smash it (at least traditionally, some people now include the J)

3 months ago #9353128        

@KofodDane what? Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

it's from call of cthulhu and translates as something like "in his home in r'lyeth dead cthulhu waits dreaming".... welsh is much worse just look at our place names.

ynys mon
and the ever popular .....

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