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Welsh Smash

Welsh Smash

I recently spent a week in Wales and it was an absolute joy. There's so much to see and the people are great, so I will most likely go back next year.

And one thing you can't help but be impressed by is the Welsh written language. Never before have I seen a language look so random, and I learned that it's a running joke that Welsh is basically just random key smashing. And I don't mean that mockingly, because that is bloody amazing.

19th November 2013
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2 days ago #9341849        

Byddai pam mai un gwestiynu'r byd, pan fyddant yn gwybod na fydd yn ateb?

boom. keyboard smash = welsh. have fun translating~

8 days ago #9339829        

My turn!

fvmhicmchmsa'dfuvnhjeiujcqaaaaa rtfghtbfgbreee.

8 days ago #9339552        

That settles it in learning welsh


18 M
14 days ago #9337316        

Nad yw'r Gymraeg yn unig bysellfwrdd malu. Mae ei tân laser orbital at y bysellfwrdd!
Now,Translate that!


17 days ago #9335796        

@crwydryny How do you even pronounce that?? O_O

17 days ago #9335795        

uref hsa idrogd hkodrkidrg idrig dor idurgd doid jdri stih hekg ero dsof keh sa iesu fgikjc dgijdard
Was taht gut welsh..? Huff, puff...

22 days ago #9334310        

I'm going to try..graldflhwgewgefwgewygfgnjshfjdshgtyGFRTGYHUJK...Ouch.

23 days ago #9333474        

@Ntruths cryptologists flee in fear of our imense handdling of letters like "ll" "rh" and "ng" and our ability to say words that would drive cthulhu insane

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

23 days ago #9333472        

@TheOneTurtle.... what did you call me???? :P

yr iaith Gymraeg yn y bôn yn dim ond cymysgedd o lythyrau ar hap rhoi at ei gilydd mewn cyfuniad na all unrhyw bod dynol ynganu

24 days ago #9333021        

fg druiujw fwijfpo wpijofe njs uieaowf aoiwefb orga aiojgr
I rest my case

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