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A New Book Arrives! The 2015 Anthology

By Mepsu       2nd July 2016        

After lots of requests we're releasing our latest book: The Scandinavia and the World 2015 Anthology!

The book covers all the best comics from throughout 2015 and features all your favourite strips and characters. And is the first ever anthology of SatW comics to go to print.

We're running a pre-order now until the 24th of July to gather how many we need to print. So if you want one, order now!

Before July 24th you'll be able to purchase the book for £10 instead of £12. And as we're releasing a limited run we won't be able to guarantee you'll be able to purchase one after that date.

You can pre-order yours here with your 16% off.

And find out more information here.


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