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Fangirls 14 10, 2:49am


People need to stop with the "United Statsian" or "Staters" business. The proper demonym is Americans or US American. We are, the United States OF America. I understand it can be confusing for some because there are other countries that are "North/Central/South Americans" (in the same way the countries in Europe are also Europeans) but I can assure you the proper term for USA Citizens is "American" or "US American (if you want to be real specific)". It turns out, shocker, we've been saying it right the whole time.
(if people insist on "United Statsian or Stater" I'll have to insist they also call people from the UK "United Kingdomers", someone from Ireland a "Republican"(for the Republic of Ireland) and people from the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico "Commonwealthians" along with many others)

I know Spanish for American is "estadoundiense" but Mexico is officially called "Estados Unidos Mexicanos". so technically Mexicans would be United Statsians too.(that's actually always bothered me about Spanish, if U.S.Mexicans are Mexicanos, why wouldn't U.S.Americans be Americanos?)

ps. you rock humon, love your comics