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Surprise party 21 5, 6:53am

And here I actually HAD hopes that the cultural and historical information of SatW is correct and educational. Now I have my doubts. Western "verified" sources are a bit different from a history book... I wrote a wall of text for naught about the subject in "Nordic Council" thread as a response, and while I'd like to just copy it as many times as it takes to get the point across, somehow I believe russians will still be "evil drunks" of the world...
Besides, you really should change your stereotypes. Vodka and hats are good, but outdated. Modern russian is the person, who uses russian regardless of situation or environment. Russian game, he asks: "Русские есть?(*Any russians?*)" Non-russian game, he asks: "Наши есть?"(*Any locals here?*)
The hatred towards and nonacceptance of English as the global language is the russian trend now.
It's strange to see that some comics actually were translated to russian, yet on the account page - russians aren't anywhere near the ranked members of the site. So easy that the rest of the world can understand English...