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Fangirls 23 7, 6:32pm

It's absolutely true! I'm from the US and grew up watching Sailor Moon. It was enamoring to watch these average girls, all with flaws, be these incredibly powerful super heroes. We love their video games, horror films, anime (particularly their sic-fi), those cute little chibi stickers, Sanrio Co. products, cars, and Miyazaki films. Akira Kurosawa was hugely influential to our cinema, and one of our big time current directors, Tarantino, is obviously influenced by Japanese culture.

Some people from the states even believe they belong in Japan which I find so funny, because often these are people who don't seem to understand Japanese values or culture in the slightest. We have a term for these people, "Weeaboo."

It should also be noted The US always seems to go through intervals of Anglophilia.