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There once was a time 26 8, 6:42pm

@finnhare Funny how you skidded over the whole children getting molested part. And yea sure there were some in Sweden who felt that "maybe we should help people that we are closely related to/if Finland falls we might be next/we just need to do something because no one else will". Yes, they gave some weapons to Finland but they also promised to provide lot's of ammunition (which they they forgot suddenly when Russia said "BOO" to them). And yes I am grateful for help too, I like our independence, very much so, but I was just trying answering the question of why Finns don't seem to like Swedes, this may be ONE of the reasons.

Personally I thank the individual Swedes that helped, not the country, (the next bit is a metaphor) because I for one will go help my neighbor if some dude comes to beat him up and steal his things. However I will not let my god damn kids go help him because they feel like it.

Mostly the opinion forming about them probably just comes down to them being neutral, they didn't want to fight (neither did Finland), but when asked back someone up, they didn't give all the help that was wanted. It's like a support class not supporting during a boss battle. I am not looking for a debate or a fight, I just gave my opinion of why Finns might not like Swede. I myself don't care either way who is from what country or origin, as long as every leaves me and my stuff be (especially my PS and PC). Peace!