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Evil Flag 5 9, 12:31am

@Danelaw It could be worse. I was in GA, TN, SC, and NC on the fourth of July weekend, and I literally saw more confederate flags than American flags. At least the Texan flag has fewer negative connotations. Not none, it got its independence after illegal immigrants to Mexico decided they couldn't assimilate (yes, I'm laying it on thick to highlight the incredible irony, and I know it was more complicated than that, although what I'm saying is completely defensible), but compared to the Confederate flag, it's relatively benign. Yes, for those that try to white wash history, the Confederacy was from the first primarily about slavery. Of course, there were "states rights" issues, but they mostly centered around, you guessed it, slavery.

Not that everyone that displays it now is racist, wants to return to slavery, or anything else. No, most are just ignorant and angry rebels without a clue. Still, if on American Independence day, you can see more flags from the entity that seceded from the US than from the US itself, there clearly is a significant population down there that wants to no longer be a part of the US. Personally, I say we should let them go. I don't know why we expended so many men and money to keep states that have been millstones around our necks in so many areas...

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