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Evil Flag

Some time ago I talked with a German girl about the use of flags in Germany. She told me that the only time it is seen as okay to be waving the German flag is at sport events and official buildings. The rest of the time the fear of feeling national pride is too big. It is in fact so bad that some Germans even feel uncomfortable when they see other countries waving it at hotels and the like.

In Scandinavia we use our flags completely different, but it’s not like in North America where you see flags everywhere as a sign of national pride.
Every time we have a celebration of any kind we raise the flags, because here our flags doesn’t so much symbolise national pride as much as it has become a symbol of happiness, joy and having a good time. And something I haven’t seen in other countries is that we use it when celebrating birthdays. So if you walk by a house here and see 20 small flags in the front yard, it’s not because the people living there are nationalists. It just means someone is celebrating their birthday.

We even put the flags on Christmas trees like so :XD:

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12th August 2010
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7 years ago #9597366        

GERMANY.EXE Has stopped responding...

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5 years ago #9786920        

Hmmm... as an USA citizen I feel like we could stand to do with less flag waving right now...

7 years ago #9557341        

Strangely enough, I just like putting up the Swedish flag on special days (in Sweden) since it just looks nice; yet i would never ever put up a German flag.

I am from Germany, and the images I associate with the German flag are those of narrow-minded "Laubenpieper", drunken soccer fans and ultraconservative nationalists. Not only in Germany: Just look how the extreme right in other countries like Hungary or Poland makes use of their national flags when they are protesting in hate against mankind. Yes I know very well that the German flag is, in fact, shaped as a very positive symbol, but meanings change.

Yet in Sweden, the approach to the flag feels much more relaxed and unbiased, even though there are (few) occasions where idiots from SD or SU wave it around. It feels just like a nice symbol for celebrations and stuff. Just as satw has written. I like it.

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8 years ago #9385644        

When I visited Texas, the Texas flag was everywhere as an antidote to the American Flag. Unless it was Federal Building (like post office) Texas Flag always was seen alongside USA flag. Texans are very proud that they were a republic before they were an American state, and for this reason gives them the right to fly their state flag at same height as national flag. Many Texans consider they are Texans first and Americans second. Many of them disown George Bush Sr. as a "faux texan" as his family were from New England (North eastern USA) and he simply bought himself a "toy ranch" and called himself a Texan rancher.

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8 years ago #9384987        

@pn3105 Yepp, totally correct about the first and third stanza of our national anthem.

Problem was that idiot Hitler -eeeerr, no, cut the idiot, that's an insult to all idiots- used the first stanza plus the Horst-Wessel-song so successfully in combination that nobody remembers the original meaning of the first stanza.

The current national anthem was created during a time when there was no real "Germany" per se, rather there were dozens (or even hundreds, depending on the time during the 19th century) of principalities that were split up into the Germanic states, but not a single nation. Dito for the German flag, but in reversed order top-to-bottom.

That's what the "Germany above everything" was supposed to signify - not that they were better than others, nor that they were Bavarians, Swabes, Saxons, Hessians, or one of the many other composite regional principalities. No, they were supposed to see themselves as "Germans" first, and then as whatever state they lived in. Not that they were supposed to be better than anyone else in the world, or above anyone else. No, it was 'first be a German, then worry about the rest of your background later'.

It was a unification call, not a call to rule over the world. Yet that <censored, censored, censored> damn f'ing <censored> Hitler totally royally f'ed it up by slathering in that coat of shhh...- -ameful inferiority-complex he must have had.

Luckily that idiot didn't like the black-red-gold tricolor of the Weimar Republic because he believed it was a slander to Germany. Otherwise we would have had to invent a new flag, too, after WWII.

So, be proud of the great things from Germany's history, and abhor the horrible things that happened.
"Never forget; never repeat." But not as a mantra, only as a reminder. ;-)

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5 years ago #9815920        

this is heartbreaking. ='(
youre a wonderful country, germany! youre not that psycho freak doppelganger Nazi Germany, youre GERMANY!! it used to be the only thing that came to mind when i thought of 'german history' was the whole stupid nazi thing, but then i realized... that unending list of history-making composers, authors, artists, architects, engineers, psychologists, scientists, researchers, even down to my humble middleschool german teacher, they all have a common thread.. my favorite thing about germany is the absolutely fantastic MINDS born and bred there! look at all the different ways germany has made the world a better, more beautiful, more brilliant place! dont let those psychos make anyone forget about any of that!
as far as im concerned, theres THREE versions of each satw country: brother, sister, and doppelganger. everyone knows Doppelganger Germany already, and i feel like the orange flesh blob is close enough to Doppelganger America ((tho thank goodness he seems to have settled down a little, i hear)), and maybe even Doppelganger North Korea is the only North Korea weve met yet. and id love to see the comic introduce EVERYONES evil doppelganger, even just for a single panel ((and hopefully never again)), so people remember never to mix each of them up with their Brothers and Sisters. XPP

i mean i know this is fictional stereotypes, comedy, fantasy... but i hate that this is how some people think of germany, so i just wanted to be real here for a minute, but i do hate being That Guy so ill stfu now lol XD

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7 years ago #9522425        

You can be national without being nationalistic. Being national is something you choose to be and not about any of those things you are born into. A muslim guy I knew once turned up to a christmas part wearing a danish "klaphat", sang christmas carols, drank non-alcoholic beer and just pretended he was a drunken idiot likes the rest of us. Claimed he was "drunk on happiness". No amount of fistbump would have enough...

Also... Chin up Germany. We're pals

3 years ago #9837557        

poor Germany he doesn't know his flag the Black, Red, and Gold flag was BANNED by the Nazis during their reign and was even used as an anti-nazi and anti-communist symbol during the Weimar Republic,

it was Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold it very interesting to read about

Unity and justice and freedom

4 years ago #9831337        

This comic should be referenced here -

Germany may have PTSD after WW2 - in his defense, Nazi Germany only got the power to rise, because at the end of WW1, the victorious nations demanded completely unfair terms for peace. The German nation was already beaten, and they got purposefully forced on their knees. There was no way away from that, but trying to go up again - and Hitler and his Nazi party knew exactly how to exploit that. It's funny the things that you can make people believe, or stand behind, when it theoretically means a brighter future for your children.

5 years ago #9796849        

I want to just go hug Germany right now

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