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Not a Yahtzee

Not a Yahtzee

You might have to say “yahtzee” out loud to get the joke.

Pretty much how the German government reacts whenever Nazis are mentioned, if German soldiers does something violent somewhere, or if anything that could in anyway make people think of Nazis happens. They’re quite paranoid about the subject.

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23rd January 2010
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3 years ago #9429512        

@Rioluman @Lumoseo Of course they do. History lessons are basically like this:
Most of us have at least 'visited' a concentration camp once, always with the aftertaste of guilt. I can only speak for myself and all Germans I know, but I can definitely say that we learn a lot about Hitler, World War II, everything. By the way - it's a crime to deny the Holocaust in Germany.

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1 year ago #9646005        

It's true.
So true...

2 years ago #9582604        

I feel bad for Germany. History is history and it's in the past. Bad stuff happened in the past, but plenty of other countries have done the same and similar things, so Germany shouldn't be only country constantly targetted and pointed out for bad acts in history. Russia did bad things, America, Belgium, and many other places have too. Germany is a wonderful country filled with wonderful people, who don't deserve to be weighed down by past actions. Just, let them live happily.

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2 years ago #9481233        

Never forget. Never repeat. I feel kinda sad for Germany now

6 months ago #9745191        

Alright Germany. Get over here. Dont be scared. Everythings fine. Its in the past. You’re doing fine!
*Pats Germanys head*


9 months ago #9711978        

This comic is sad, because it is true.

2 years ago #9525528        

I love Germany and German language and nice German people and everything about them. Seeing nazi thing over and over in media makes me sad about it. War happens everywhere. Lots of other politicans have done mad things through history. T_T let go of Germans :D


2 years ago #9491292        

Germany holds a great guilt.

3 years ago #9416051        

I feel so bad for him ;-; (says the one with Nazi Germany as avatar XD)


3 years ago #9384749        

Awww, I get all bleary-eyed at all the nice '<hug Germany> or <3 Germany comments.

<sniffle> <pulls out hanky> <bloooort> <wipes nose>.

Love the SatW comics... sooo great.

But for me it does so apply. I am one of the 'old farts' around here, so, yeah, I have parents that were born at the time.
Mind you, my father was born 1932, my mother seven years later... so , no, they didn't have anything to do either with any war-crimes, or with supporting Hitler. Yet the mantra: "Never forget, never repeat" is soooo appropriate.

Somehow I still feel the need to apologize for something I didn't do, or didn't have any chance of stopping.
Irrational, I know... but it has been ingrained deeply.

I have so many friends from across the globe: Dutch, Swedish, US-Americans, English, Scottish. We get along just great.

The funniest/most-screwed-up thing (depending on how you want to look at it) happened when I visited my mate in London in 1991. I was 21 at the time.
He is English but speaks an absolutely flawless German. He asked me to refresh his German a bit during my stay (not that he needed it) so we gabbled away in German a lot, even in public. An old lady overheard us in the London tube, and she mumbled, not really under her breath: "Look at them damn Nazis."

We just looked at each other while keeping up our conversation and then switched to perfect cockney accent in mid-sentence (yeah, I visited London often at that time, so I actually had a chance to pull off a few sentences in that accent). The mortified look on that lady's face was just worth it.

Later at home my mate apologized to me for that incident. Strange, isn't it?!?

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