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Black Pete

Black Pete

In the Netherlands Saint Nicholas is a separate person from Santa, and like Santa has his elves, Saint Nicholas has his Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).

Dutch people will usually claim he is just covered in sod from the chimneys, but his clean clothes makes it pretty obvious Black Pete is inspired by a caricature of black people, but it should be noted that Black Pete is not supposed to be an African. It's more like a sort of magical being that has it's looks inspired by the caricature.

South Africa Netherlands
6th December 2012
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8 years ago #9413200        

These days Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet is just a children's feast. But too many grow-ups are being overly dramatic about it. Most "black" people i know have no problem whatsoever with Zwarte Piet, especially because he is more or less the star of the birthday. Kids like them the most.
It's just the weird USAmericans that can't deal with their own racism problems and like to point to some little country (with more freedom) as to distract attention from itself...

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9 years ago #9352094        

@Ixion (idk how to respont so hope this works xD)
How can you say it is racist?
We are not sayin every black person dresses up like that, we say all black piets do,
It is a tradition, we are not teaching the children too tell them off or to despise them,
When i was a kid, i liked the black piets more then sinterklaas,
For someone who didnt even experience it, you have a big opinion
Saying this is racist is an easy judgement and from my point of vieuw not true.
I grew up with this, and am never was or will be a racist.

2 years ago #9864912        

This like giving the unconscious mind that black person is just a kidnapper or criminal to a young kid, and when they grew up... they can call 911, after saw black person did nothing bad at all...
"If u ain't white, u ain't right"
As a former Dutch colony, we also have this christmas "black Pete" tradition, that's why we still see our native peoples in the eastern part who have more darker skin as a criminal, and they did a bloody protest in 2019 before the "BLM".

I mean....yeah...everyone are racist, but "white caucasian's word" still have most powerful effect from colonial times till today, and white Christian mostly have more negative words like....
# Jews the Alien,
# Islamic the terrorist (after 9/11 instead of saying "Al-qaeda the terrorist" they more using "Islamic terrorist" You know...'If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth')
# Others are Heathen,
# Black the murder or mostly criminal,
# Asian the Virus,
# Hispanic or mostly Mexican the Rapist.

It just a little jokes for white peoples, but that "joke" always have the strongest effect to the world.
I mean...the churches today...white church...Asian church...are still exist. It's already 2021, right?
That's why as a non-white, i'm more afraid with "white christian" :p

6 years ago #9687577        

The Netherlands (and my home of Belgium) could easily get out of accusations of racism and changes to Zwarte Piet if they could just be honest about his origins. Presumably because of their religious pasts, the connections between our modern versions of Santa Claus and Saint Nicolas, and the old god Wotan has been hidden and later forgotten. Wotan (and his close-cousin Odin) had a raven companion that he had the power to change into a servant to help him. The servant being black because he was a human-raven.

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7 years ago #9560152        

I'm done with the whole Zwarte Piet thing, it has been going on for years... Let's bring Krampus back! He is one of the reasons it is called Zwarte Piet. He has a bushel of twigs (roe) to hit bad children with and gives them salt instead of candy. He also has a whips, bells, fur and huge horns! And if the children are still not behaving, then he will put them in a sack and drag them down to hell. :) It is a Germanic (not German) tradition what has been banned by the church. I like this one so much better!!! :P

5 years ago #9818174        

That looks offensive as hell.

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5 years ago #9816405        

i thought south africa was stereotypically white anyway =p


1 year ago #9874853        

if they wanted a sod look, they should have removed the red on the face and put some black on the clothes

6 years ago #9752687        

Huh, The more you know!

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9 years ago #9336185        

When I was a child who still believed in Sinterklaas and black Pete, I never thought that black Pete was "the dumb person" or anything. And I'd think that if black Pete becomes forbidden and suddenly gets replaced by color Petes or something like that, children would only start to think black people are bad because they're not allowed anymore.

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