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Evil Flag 12 5, 4:28am

this is heartbreaking. ='(
youre a wonderful country, germany! youre not that psycho freak doppelganger Nazi Germany, youre GERMANY!! it used to be the only thing that came to mind when i thought of 'german history' was the whole stupid nazi thing, but then i realized... that unending list of history-making composers, authors, artists, architects, engineers, psychologists, scientists, researchers, even down to my humble middleschool german teacher, they all have a common thread.. my favorite thing about germany is the absolutely fantastic MINDS born and bred there! look at all the different ways germany has made the world a better, more beautiful, more brilliant place! dont let those psychos make anyone forget about any of that!
as far as im concerned, theres THREE versions of each satw country: brother, sister, and doppelganger. everyone knows Doppelganger Germany already, and i feel like the orange flesh blob is close enough to Doppelganger America ((tho thank goodness he seems to have settled down a little, i hear)), and maybe even Doppelganger North Korea is the only North Korea weve met yet. and id love to see the comic introduce EVERYONES evil doppelganger, even just for a single panel ((and hopefully never again)), so people remember never to mix each of them up with their Brothers and Sisters. XPP

i mean i know this is fictional stereotypes, comedy, fantasy... but i hate that this is how some people think of germany, so i just wanted to be real here for a minute, but i do hate being That Guy so ill stfu now lol XD