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Evil Flag 15 11, 6:00pm

Strangely enough, I just like putting up the Swedish flag on special days (in Sweden) since it just looks nice; yet i would never ever put up a German flag.

I am from Germany, and the images I associate with the German flag are those of narrow-minded "Laubenpieper", drunken soccer fans and ultraconservative nationalists. Not only in Germany: Just look how the extreme right in other countries like Hungary or Poland makes use of their national flags when they are protesting in hate against mankind. Yes I know very well that the German flag is, in fact, shaped as a very positive symbol, but meanings change.

Yet in Sweden, the approach to the flag feels much more relaxed and unbiased, even though there are (few) occasions where idiots from SD or SU wave it around. It feels just like a nice symbol for celebrations and stuff. Just as satw has written. I like it.